How Bingo Continues to Innovate and Change in the Online World

Bingo has evolved from being a game traditionally played in live venues to one that has thrived in the online world – and this has partly been down to the game’s ability to innovate and change. Online bingo has been able to successfully keep the traditional elements of the game intact, whilst also inspiring alterations to attract new players.

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New Bingo Game Formats

The continuing growth of bingo online has seen new game formats and variants come to fruition and become popular within new categories of their own. The popular Bingo jackpots are a variety of slot games that all have a large communal prize pool. This format has taken inspiration from ‘the national’, a prominent feature of live bingo. Another slot-based bingo format is ‘Slingo’, which takes aspects of both games to create a new gaming experience.

In addition to slots, new bingo formats have found inspiration from other types of entertainment. One growing popular format is that of online bingo scratchcards, which are a digital take on classic scratchcards. This has proven to be an innovative take on a bingo game, as online scratchcards are typically quicker to play than a traditional bingo game. Because of this, it offers an alternative option to players that may be looking to get involved but are short on time.

Of course, as well as new types of bingo games, there are also different variants of traditional bingo available. It is now easier than ever for players to join a game of bingo that suits them, with 52 ball, 75 ball, and 90 ball games all regularly running.

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Innovative Themes

Online bingo games are constantly changing and keeping things fresh by introducing new games with various themes. For example, there are hundreds of bingo jackpot games with unique themes based around different areas of popular culture. Some of the most innovative themes include the bingo games based on TV shows, which range from the popular sci-fi comedy Rick and Morty, to quiz shows such as Deal or No Deal. Combining bingo titles with popular TV shows has helped to promote the classic game to new audiences, and it is this type of innovative idea that can allow bingo to continue to grow.

Culture and history are two other popular themes for online bingo variations. Lucky’s Fish and Chips is bingo slot game inspired by British cultural stereotypes such as mushy peas, seagulls, and of course, tea. Ancient mythologies are also often explored within bingo games, with titles such as Champions of Valhalla drawing inspiration from Norse mythology.

Traditional bingo rooms have also used different themes to keep the game fresh and entertaining, with Rainbow Riches Bingo using classic Irish iconography as its running theme.

Innovative changes and adaptations to bingo have allowed the game to not only remain popular, but to grow its audience base and expose it to new players. With innovative changes to the traditional version of bingo as well as new bingo formats, the game looks set to continue its growing trend in popularity.  

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