How Pharaoh: A New Era and iGaming are keeping Egypt centre stage

Since their creation, video games have frequently featured ancient Egypt as their setting. The 1979 Atari 2600 game Adventure, which has a level with an Egyptian theme, is one of the early instances. Since then, numerous titles like the Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed franchises have featured Egyptian-themed levels, settings, or characters.

Yet, there’s one genre of game that has Egyptomania more than any other and an updated game that needs more hype due to its Egypt theme.

Looking for loot

Slots with ancient Egyptian themes are frequently offered at online casinos since they have the potential to be visually stunning. The history and mythology of the ancient Egyptian civilization are also incredibly rich, which serves as a great source of inspiration for game developers. The usage of hieroglyphics and other iconography from ancient Egypt can give the games a distinctive look that makes them stand out from other online slots.

A quick scroll through the homepage of most iGaming platforms reveals an online selection of titles including Eye Of Horus and Cleopatra, but that is just the beginning. Developers have recently been creating their own Indiana Jones-style characters to create a slot series and these adventurers often find themselves in high jinks in ancient Egypt.

For example, Rich Wilde and Cat Wilde are the characters created by developers Play’n, while the John Hunter series was developed by Pragmatic Play. Due to the scary, magical, and enigmatic qualities of the ancient Egyptian universe, themed slots frequently feature these figures surrounded by sphinxes, hieroglyphics, and unsettling mummies. Yet, while players have many options available if they have a case of Egyptomania, fans of city builders can soon live out their dreams of ancient Egypt too.

New tricks

Thanks to a thorough graphics restoration in 4K HD, a modernized user interface, and all of the material from the original game and its Cleopatra add-on, Pharaoh: A New Era takes the beloved, traditional Egyptian city builder to a new level. Developers provide 50 missions and more than 100 hours of action to immerse you in the history of ancient Egypt.

Build your city piece by piece and oversee every area of its growth to make sure it thrives and elevates you to the position of a strong and feared Pharaoh. Utilize the rich land along the Nile valley’s banks to develop your metropolis. Build the Sphinx, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and other well-known Egyptian landmarks like the pyramids. Create temples and mausoleums to assist in governing the overall health and culture of your city as well as the then-dominant polytheistic religion. Make sure your city has enough wealth to withstand political upheaval, economic hardship, or even enemy looting. Trying to be a Pharaoh who looks after his subjects while winning the gods’ favor will be appealing to many fans of the city-building genre and this represents an interesting release for Q1.

The online gambling developers seem to be all-in with ancient Egyptian themes and adventures, but Pharaoh: A New Era should play a part in keeping Egyptomania alive in other regions of gaming.

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