How the Global Talent Independent Program Offers Great Opportunity to Skilled Migrants

In November 2019, Australia’s Department of Home Affairs (DHA) started the GTI (Global Talent Independent) program to bring the best talents across the globe into the country. The global talent independent program paves the way for highly skilled and eligible people born overseas to showcase their expertise in Australia and work for a long time there.

What are the things you should look forward to?

Since 2019, the quota for GTI visas has increased three times, which means that there are about 15,000 available jobs to eligible applicants. It became an excellent alternative to 189 visa and other global talent visas that experienced significant reductions in quotas. Also, in case you are unsuccessful with your Expression of Interest (EOI), the global talent program will inform you of your status so you can look for other ways to obtain a visa.

You do not need to have an established career in your country to be qualified for a global talent visa. If you have completed your PhD., master’s degree, and bachelor’s honours degree for at least three years, you will be considered for eligibility. It is a big game changer and advantage if you are a graduate and do not know how to approach your situation.

The Global Talent Independent program is not a points-tested visa. In other words, they will not deduct any points from your status for getting older. Global talent visa will not look into your English capability or age to be eligible. In fact, you do not need to obtain a skills assessment or be employed on a certain employment list.

Note that if you belong to this category, meaning you are either above 55 years old or below 18 or do not speak functional English, you will need to meet other requirements.

What are the requirements?

When Australia launched the global talent independent program, it aimed to target seven sectors to develop and build innovation. You must be highly skilled in any of these sectors. These include:

  • Cyber-Security
  • Energy and Mining Technology
  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Quantum Information/Data Science/Advanced Digital/ Information and Communications Technology
  • Financial Technology
  • Medical Technology

You must be a valuable asset to Australia and can contribute to the academic and technical standards of the country. Some evidence you could present are your involvement in setting up a company, you have a hand in creating a unique product or technological innovation, and your major participation in research that is beneficial to academia or business in the country.

You also have a high chance of qualifying the GTI program if you are highly employable. In your field of expertise, you must manifest skills and qualities that will help you find employment easily in Australia or will have no trouble establishing yourself independently. Some proofs you could show are your employment offers or contracts, self-employment or your start-up business, grants, scholarships, and sponsorships. It also helps if your achievements in a specific area are recognised internationally.

If you have a successful career, particularly in one of the sectors mentioned above, you are likely to be eligible for the global talent independent program. Make sure you are currently relevant in your chosen field, which means you are a key player and contributor backed by strong evidence of your awards won, positions held, reference letters, and recent work.

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