JanSamarth is a unique online platform to directly connect lenders with beneficiaries. Citizens can avail loans under 13 central government programs in 4 loan types. The only portal that allows citizens to check their eligibility, apply online and get digital approval.

The main goal of JanSamarth portal is to promote inclusive growth and development of various sectors by guiding them and providing them with the right kind of government benefits through simple digital processes. The portal provides end-to-end coverage of all processes and activities of all linked programs.


The Jan Samarth portal allows citizens to discover and benefit from credits under various programs of the central government.


The Jan Samarth portal uses advanced technologies and intelligent analytics to provide visual guidance to citizens to check for eligibility, and an automatic recommendation system that recommends suitable programs at the request and certificate of the citizen. Advanced technologies automate the entire lending process based on digital verification, making the whole process simple, fast and uncomplicated.


Multiple ministries, agencies and lending institutions have come together on a single platform to ensure that government programs can be used quickly, smoothly and securely. On this platform, there are more than 9 ministries, at least focal agencies and more than 125 lending institutions. You can choose a loan category and check your eligibility for several programs at once on the Jan Samarth portal.


Each plan has different documentation requirements. To register online on the portal, the basic documents required are a valid Aadhaar number and bank account along with some basic information that needs to be filled in the portal.

  • To apply for Jan Samarth portal, it is necessary to follow below steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Jan Samarth portal

Step 2: On the homepage, click the ‘Diagram’ button

Step 3: Choose a loan category from four loan categories and click on the government program

Step 4: Carefully read and understand the diagram and click on the “Check Eligibility” option

Step 5:Now answer some of the mandatory questions that appear on the next page. Click on the “Eligibility” option once the questions are answered

Step 6: The most suitable plan will be suggested to the beneficiaries based on the questions answered.

Step 7: A page for the registration process will open. Alternatively, enter a mobile number captcha

Step 8: Now click on “Get OTP” option and enter “Submit” button

Step 9: A registration form will appear on the screen and click the ‘Submit’ button

Step 10: Choose offers from over 125 lenders for digital bank approval

Loan application status can be tracked online on the portal after submitting the application.

It connects the beneficiary directly to the bank, reducing turnaround times. Furthermore, it aims to encourage inclusive growth and development across all sectors by facilitating the right kind of government regime through end-to-end digitalization. The platform also provides subscribers with real-time status – updates on penalties and disbursements.

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