How to do more and be more productive

Time management is a special science of time management and its distribution. The main task is to use time efficiently, correctly allocating it to the tasks that you have planned. The most common mistake is to unconsciously load yourself with tasks that physically cannot be completed on time. It often happens that it takes more time to complete a task than we thought, and as a result, we do not have time to do everything that we planned with such enthusiasm.

There are many ways to organize your time efficiently while performing all the tasks. Let’s look at the most popular ways in the article.

Make a to-do list

Making a daily or weekly to-do list, in a serene environment, is most practical because it will allow you to be more flexible with your goals. How might a to-do list make it easier for you to stay organized? The day’s tasks will be visible to you, making it easier to concentrate on them and give them your full attention.

There are a lot of applications and software for such tasks, however, I would like to highlight the Bordio daily planner app. It is extremely easy to use, with its easy-to-understand interface. You can add tasks and events, distribute by days of the week, and change them if needed. The possibility to mark different tasks with different colors will help to prioritize them.

Create a “sterile cabin”

The term “sterile cabin” comes from aviation. During takeoff and landing – the most critical, difficult, and dangerous stages – conversations are allowed in the cockpit only on topics related to the flight.

Arrange for yourself a “sterile cabin” – time and space for concentrated work and concentration.

All the tasks of extreme importance that needed to be completed at this period can be marked in Bordio with red color, for example.

Try to avoid the “time eaters”

You would be shocked by this number if you ever tried to calculate how much time is wasted on pointless activities like TV, the Internet, smartphones, and TV series. You may have already become accustomed to it and stopped noticing how these “time absorbers” rob you of valuable moments of life. Set a special time that can be dedicated to scrolling social network feeds and surfing the Internet. This time can also be set as your task in Bordio and marked in a special way.

Solve issues timely

A person continuously has to deal with obligations and concerns outside of their normal course of affairs. Sometimes you need to schedule a visit with the doctor, or your car can break down and you’ll need to go to the shop. These issues will become more serious if you continue to put them off. However, there is a fix.

As soon as a similar issue arises, start solving it. As soon as one of these tasks arises, put it on your list of things to accomplish today and finish it right away.

Divide a large case into smaller ones

Each of us is aware of how difficult it is to embark on a huge assignment that will take a long time. The size of the assignment makes it impossible to resist the urge to put off doing it until later. There is a fantastic technique to simplify such duties, though.

The main idea behind this approach is to divide the activity into as many manageable chunks and to outline each one in detail. Not all initiatives integrate into everyday tasks. For such a scenario, you can create projects in Bordio for all larger undertakings to track the project’s to-do list and events.

Remove unnecessary

One of the factors stopping people from completing everything is multitasking. The modern tempo of life imposes a significant variety of duties on each of us, many of which appear crucial only at first glance. Remember the Pareto principle? Using this concept as guidance, try to avoid tasks that produce the least amount of outcomes.

Focus on one thing

There is a myth that when you perform numerous tasks at once, you can achieve more. Nevertheless, our brain can not focus on the qualitative effectiveness of many activities at the same time, and as a consequence, it requires more time to accomplish this than to undertake each of them individually.

Establish a rule to work on only one task at a time. Plan the most important issues and events in Bordio in order not to be distracted by anything else. This way, you will not only have more time, but you will also be more effective and save more strength.

In conclusion, we can advise everyone who wants to be more productive and have time to write down their affairs and plans more. The Bordio app will help your thoughts not be forgotten and not be lost.

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