How to Prepare for Cisco CCNA Exam (200-301)?

Cisco CCNA certification or Cisco Certified Network Associate prepares your team with the skills needed for associate-level IT jobs. This certification tests you on your knowledge and skills of Network access, IP connectivity, IP Services, automation and programability, network fundamentals and security fundamentals.

CCNA Certification is a certification that consists of one exam and one course for the team’s preparation. Here we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis and an in depth explanation of Cisco CCNA Certification.

What does the Cisco CCNA 200-301 exam consist of?

Cisco CCNA, or Cisco Certified Network Associate certification helps your workforce prepare for a variety of IT-related jobs. The CCNA credential can be earned by passing the 200-301 CCNA test.

This examination covers topics such as security, wireless networking, routing and switching.

Next, let’s move to the next section and learn about the preparation process for the CCNA exam.

Who should take the CCNA certification exam?

The CCNA certification does not require any special qualifications. The CCNA course also imparts knowledge to support technicians that work on the installation, verification and operation of Cisco network. There are some job roles that the CCNA course is best suited to. Check out:

  • Network Administrator
  • Help desk technician
  • Network Analysts
  • System engineers
  • Network designers
  • Entry-level network engineer
  • Network support technician
  • Network specialist

Security, networking and automation are the core technologies covered by this certification.

How do you prepare for the CCNA exam 200-301?

A solid foundation is required for the preparation of any exam. It is important to use credible sources. SPOTO Learning is committed to providing you with the best Cisco Training materials.

The CCNA course can be divided into three distinct types of preparation:

  • Training conducted by instructors
  • Virtual Instructor-led Training
  • e-Learning

Moreover, the CCNA exam is valid for three years.

Let’s see who is eligible to take this exam now that you are familiar with the certification!

Exam Prerequisite

The CCNA exam requires the following:

  • Basic computer literacy is required
  • Use the internet in a basic way
  • Basic PC navigation and operating system skills are required
  • Basic knowledge of IP addresses

Your team is ready to go if they meet these basic requirements.

Here is a comprehensive article that will help you start your CCNA certification journey: Roadmap for CCNA.

Cost of CCNA Exam

The CCNA exam (200-301) costs $300USD plus tax.

CCNA Exam Topics

The CCNA exam consists of different modules that must be prepared. The curriculum is constantly changing.

The following is a list of all modules that are included in the new CCNA curriculum.

  • IP connectivity: IP Routing, OSPFv2
  • Security Fundamentals: VPNs and port security
  • IP Services: DHCP NTP SNMP
  • Automation: Chef, JSON and REST APIs.
  • Network Fundamentals: switches and routers, TCP/UDP, cabling and IPv4 andIPv6
  • network access: Trunking EtherChannel VLANs

You can also look at topics that have been removed from the curriculum:

  • Routing: OSPFv3, EIGRP, Inter-VLAN routing, RIPv2
  • LAN switching: switch stack, frame, VTP
  • WAN
  • Network fundamentals: OSI Model

CCNA Exam Recertification

To be able to recertify exams your team would have to pass any of the following exams within the last year of the certificate.

  • One CCIE lab examination
  • CCNA exam again
  • One core technology examination
  • One professional concentration exam

They can also recertify themselves if they have earned 30 CE credits (Continuing Education). For these credits, the Cisco Live Training sessions or online courses are required.

The CCNA exam has a number of major objectives.

Learning Objectives for the CCNA Examination

This certification covers a number of important topics. Check out:

  • Model of communication between hosts
  • Cisco iOS Features and Functions
  • Learn about the basic components and characteristics of a computer networking system.
  • The concept of LANs, and the role that switches play within them
  • Grouting has many functions.
  • Switches and routers can communicate host to host
  • Benefits and limitations of static routing
  • IPv6 main features
  • Basic IPv6 connectivity is verified
  • Basic configuration of a Cisco router
  • Explain the role of Ethernet as the network layer of TCP/IP and the operation of switches
  • Understanding dynamic routing protocols, terms and components in OSPF
  • The ACLs are used to operate applications and the network.
  • Basic QoS concepts
  • Configuration of basic iOS System Monitoring Tools
  • Threat defense technologies
  • Current security threats landscape
  • Cisco Device Management
  • Secure network devices with these steps
  • Basic security configuration for device management plane
  • The Workings of STP & RSTP
  • Basic concepts of WAN and VPN
  • Configuration of link aggregate using EtherChannel
  • The purpose of layer 3 redundant protocols
  • Introduction to virtualization, including a description of the network and device architectures
  • SD-Access, Cisco DNA Center and SD-WAN are examples of solutions that can be used to manage smart networks.
  • Wireless networks: Basics
  • Wireless networks come in many different types
  • Use of WLC
  • Configuration of internet connection using DHCP clients
  • Explanation of NAT and its configuration on Cisco routers

Cisco Reliable Resources

Cisco Community

Cisco has a large community around the world. We can help you establish a relationship with Cisco experts and peers.

It is easy to build your professional network, share your knowledge, and grow your career.

Cisco Community currently has 909,914 Discussions and 169 2,269 Solutions.

You can also discuss topics such as networking, security and data centers, cloud computing, service providers, support groups for small businesses, etc.

Cisco Community is here to help you with all your questions and concerns!


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