The best part of winter is the long snowy evenings accompanied by endless cups of hot tea and cocoa. Nothing beats snuggling on a couch on a wintery day with a thick wool blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. These blankets scream cozy and are a must-have in any home for use during winters. They also serve as perfect picnic blankets. 

So what is the best way to take care of blankets, especially woolen ones? How to maintain them to make them last longer? Let us see.

Since animal fibre, mainly sheep, is the primary source of wool, they are naturally water and dirt repellent. However, it is necessary to wash them and care for them properly to keep them in good condition. 

  • Hang it outside

Air drying the blanket is the best way to keep them fresh and odour free. Shake it to loosen up any dust particles and hang it in a place with proper ventilation and airflow, like the clothesline and outside in the garden. Ensure to place it out of the reach of direct sunlight since too much heat can make the blanket rough and coarse. It can also result in fading.

  • Wash

They don’t need to be washed regularly. Washing it once every three months is enough. Check the tag to find out instructions on how to clean the blanket. If the label says “dry clean alone”, then it should be dry cleaned. If there are no tags or no other instructions, it is safe to assume it is good to wash with water. 

Soak the blanket in cold water and a detergent that is safe to use on wool. Set the washing machine on any delicate or gentle setting and keep the spin to a minimum to keep the washing cycle short. After the wash cycle is over, let it air dry instead of using the dryer on the machine. Using the dryer may lead to fibre damage and might shrink the blanket.

If there are any stains on your blanket, using mild detergent and soaking in warm water will help get rid of them. Do not scrub the fabric to get rid of the stain. Soak and blot.

  • Brush the blanket

Brushing the blanket with a soft garment brush is also an easy way to get rid of dirt. It removes pilling and makes the wool soft and smooth. It also helps the fibre stay in the same direction. 

How to store it properly

The best way to store your wool blanket is to keep it tightly sealed in a plastic bag or a bin. Keep the blanket in a cool and dark place. Woollen clothes and blankets run the risk of moth infection since moths find wool cozy to reside. So it is necessary to make sure the blankets are kept in a place free of moths. Using mothballs can also prevent moths from laying eggs in the blanket. 

To keep the blankets fresh and for them to last long, take them out occasionally and dust them. It will prevent the blanket from getting musty. Frequent dust offs also help check for any signs of damage or wear and tear. 

This is everything someone needs to know about wool blankets and how to take care of them. If taken care of well, they can last for years and require minimal maintenance. 

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