Hoyeon Jung is ‘obsessed’ with xQc, Explaining the viral tweet on Twitter, Details explored!

Is it possible that HoYeon Jung, the hero of Squid Game, is fascinated with the Twitch broadcaster xQc? Dexerto’s remark implying the actress is enamoured with the gamer has left fans of both sides bewildered. But can we trust that? Since appearing in the Korean thriller Squid Game, which was a huge success on Netflix, HoYeon has become a household celebrity. As a result of her appearance on the program, she has amassed millions of Instagram followers eager to learn all they can about the amazing actress. Some, though, can’t accept that she is so preoccupied with the American gamer xQc. Continue to read further to know the reason for the viral tweet.

Post suggesting Hoyeon Jung is XQC’S FAN Explored

Dexerto’s remark has sparked speculation that the Squid Game actress HoYeon is “obsessed” with the Twitch streamer xQc. According to the tweet, Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung told Vogue Korea in a recent interview that she can’t stop watching @xQc on Twitch. In addition to this, it contains what is said to be a comment from the actress herself, in which she is quoted as stating, “I simply believe he’s something the world needs right now, and anytime I watch him, my mood improves for the better.” Real and true was added to the original tweet by xQc, which helped spread the story even further.

What’s the deal with the squid game celebrity and the Twitch streamer?

The initial tweet suggests the actress talked about the Twitch celebrity in an interview with Vogue Korea. However, no evidence supports this allegation, even if a reputable source provided it. To add insult to injury, xQc isn’t the only pro player to be linked to HoYeon. Multiple postings containing identically false comments and quotations regarding other streams have been circulating online.

In a recent interview with Vogue Korea, HoYeon Jung, star of the web series Squid Game, said that she had been listening to nothing but Mask by Dream recently, and the ensuing joke about a purported comment from the band’s lead singer quickly went viral. Regarding poetry, intensity, and emotion, I don’t believe anybody else can compete with him. We may assume that these tweets are fake until we see a genuine interview with the actress in which she makes these accusations or until she responds to them.

Twitter’s responses to memes that have gone viral

Some Twitter users are sceptical about Dexerto’s assertion, while others have disproved it by posting memes with the same message. Somebody wrote: These tweets are being used as copypasta right now; I’m on such a high dose of copium that I believed they were genuine. In a recent interview with Vogue Korea, the actress of Squid Game, HoYeon Jung, said she had become a fangirl for the show. Another user stated that they were a great admirer of HoYeon Jung but that this meme was by far the most stupid thing they had ever seen on Twitter.

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