Informative details about Shawn Kemp’s Reebok Hurrikaze, Get to know the details on the release date, where to buy and many more

This new colorway of Reebok’s highly sought-after Kamikaze II design, which is now called Hurrikaze, is decked out in tones that are sure to satisfy fans of the Seattle SuperSonics. “Hurrikaze” is the new name for the Kamikaze II design. The legendary NBA player Shawn Kemp is honoured by the band Hurrikaze through their bouncy instrumentals. On April 15, 2022, the silhouette will be made available at Reebok and a select number of other retailers, including Finish Line. The Reign Man idea from the previous Kamikaze is carried over into the sequel, which features vintage colours like green, black, and white from the glory days of the Seattle Sonics.

More information on Shawn Kemp’s forthcoming Reebok Hurrikaze

Rumours have been circulating in the basketball world that the Seattle Sonics could move back to the Emerald City, so Reebok is celebrating the possibility by honouring one of the team’s greatest players. The upcoming growth of the league has resulted in a rise in the popularity of green and yellow basketball-themed apparel. The Kamikaze II is one of the most significant shoe models in the history of the NBA club, and the “Sonics” colorway is a great choice for a throwback release of the original sneakers.

As mayor of Seattle in 1995, Shawn Kemp earned the moniker “The Reign Man” from Seattle radio icon Kevin Calabro. His now-iconic sneaker silhouette was conceived as a homage to his moniker, which inspired the shoe’s colour scheme and style. Rainy days in Seattle certainly had a role in the design of footwear. Originally released as the Kamikaze II, the “Sonic” Hurricaze takes its design cues from a downpour. The combination of white, yellow, green, and black is a homage to the Seattle Supersonics, and the raindrops on the shoe’s top are a tribute to the team’s iconic player, Shawn Kemp.

What makes Shawn Kemp’s Reebok Hurrikaze so special?

The top of the shoe is smooth leather, and the basic colour is white, allowing highlights inspired by a certain team to stand out. Overlays that are zigzag patterns over the top layer dominate the design. The midsoles and the soles are a vibrant shade of green, drawing attention to the zigzag overlays. Kemp’s “Reign/Rain Man” moniker is reflected in the base layer’s design as faux water droplets. The golden speckles on the midsoles are a nice touch.

In addition to the Reebok emblem on the tongue, the shoe’s laces and heel tab are also bright yellows. The use of yellow within the design helps to create an atmosphere reminiscent of the golden days of the Sonics. Tongue and pull tab are lined in black to set off the mostly white and green top. Even though the Seattle team is no longer actively playing, sneakers like the Reebok Hurricaze “sonics” allow fans and sneakerheads to remember the glory days of Seattle basketball. On April 15, 2022, the shoes are scheduled to become available at the Finish Line and a few other carefully chosen retailers for the suggested retail price of $120.

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