Interesting facts about the K- Pop’s top five hair-flipping divas, Details explored!

K-pop female groups use their bodies and move with precision. While many may dismiss their choreography as “easy” or “basic,” their routines influence their handling of even the most complex movements. Their hair is a major aesthetic component of their performances and, when done well, may dramatically enhance the appearance of their motions. Here is a rundown of female K-pop stars who have earned the title of “hair flip queens” because of their expert execution of the motion.

Top five most impressive hair flips in K-pop

Momo, of TWICE

For the K-pop girl group TWICE under JYP Entertainment, Momo is the primary dancer. The 24-year-old singer was spotted by her current company, JYP, in 2012 and relocated from Japan to South Korea. One of her many monikers is “Dance Machine” because of her incredible dancing ability. This footage of the K-pop dancer dancing to Pancake by Jaded and Ashnikko is her most memorable hair flip. Her amazing hair flips in a non-dance context should offer fans a glimpse of her on-stage skills.

HeeJin from LOONA

Due to their choreography, choosing a member from LOONA’s 12-member lineup takes a lot of work. They’ve all perfected the act, but we must keep things short, so HeeJin gets the nod today. Twenty-year-old K-pop starlet released her first studio album in 2016. Even though she is not the featured dancer, HeeJin can gracefully execute all the dance steps and styles. Her beautiful hair flips on a fan cam of her covering LOONA’s “Voice” are a sight to see.


You can’t talk about hair flips without also talking about Rosé. The K-pop star became famous for her signature hair flips. Her hair flips from different concerts have been the subject of several compilation films. The 24-year-old BLACKPINK member debuted in 2016 after four years of training with YG Entertainment. She may be the lead singer, but her signature hair flips have gained such notoriety that they have their devoted following.

Yuna from ITZY

ITZY member Yuna of JYP Entertainment is famous for doing hair flips with her signature ponytail, a move called “ponytail choreography.” Many have said it has a life of its own, which shows how controlled and skilled Yuna is as a dancer. In 2019, Yuna entered the K-pop scene as a member of JYP’s newest girl group, ITZY. She not only sings and raps but also leads the dance routines for the ensemble. The singer’s face may appear familiar since she has several talents. She appeared in Jungkook’s Bangtan Universe narrative on BTS’ Love Yourself, Highlight Reel.

Chaeyeon, from IZ*ONE

To call Chaeyeon a “queen” of hair flips would be a huge understatement. She is a former member of the K-pop girl group IZ*ONE, with which she parted ways in 2021. Chaeyeon has only been active since 2018, yet she’s already a fan favourite. It’s quite a challenge to choose a single one of her hair flips to highlight, and compilations never seem to do them justice. She is the younger sister of ITZY’s Lee Chaeryeong and is 21 years old. It’s in the genes, it appears!

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