Is Brenda McCutcheon accountable for Buddy’s death? The woman accused of killing her doctor’s husband is in closing arguments

A report on the alleged murder of Dr. Frank McCutcheon, a cosmetic surgeon, by his wife, Brenda McCutcheon, is scheduled to air on NBC’s Dateline this coming Friday. According to the accounts, the murder of the doctor while he was asleep put an end to the tale of an unending love affair between a nurse and a doctor. According to Keith Morrison’s reporting and in accordance with what NBC had previously said, the true-crime show would allegedly include several unexpected disclosures. This episode will contain witness testimony and trial footage from various individuals, including family members, prosecutors, police officers, and others.

Murder accusations against Brenda Kay Parker McCutcheon

In November of 2018, Brenda Kay Parker McCutcheon was arrested on murder charges for the death of Dr. Frank McCutcheon. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. McCutcheon operated in Ashville. After meeting and falling in love as residents, they tied the knot and stayed together for the next 32 years. Brenda gave up her nursing job to fully support Frank’s rapid rise to prominence as a cosmetic surgeon. Frank’s body was discovered in the front room of their Tree Top Roadhouse in Arden, California, at about 3:30 on the morning of July 16, 2016. At the time, he was 64 years old. Brenda McCutcheon claims he was sleeping on the sofa in the downstairs room because he enjoyed watching television late at night. After hearing something that she believed to be thunder and smelling gunpowder as she made her way downstairs, she dialled the emergency number 911 at 3:30 in the morning.

According to reports from 2016, Brenda McCutcheon denied to cops that she had shot her husband or hidden the gun that was later found hidden in the ivy outside their house. In relation to Buddy McCutcheon’s procedure at Cosmetic Surgery of Asheville, the couple was reportedly the subject of an investigation for embezzlement and acquiring property by deception. A court order was issued against them some days before he passed away. As the firm’s financial chief, she felt threatened and chose to move the company, making her the prime suspect.

What happened to Brenda Kay Parker McCutcheon? Where is she now?

Brenda McCutcheon, according to authorities, murdered her husband Frank, then sold their house and fled to Tennessee, all before the company records, she needed can be recovered. About a year after the death of her husband, Brenda McCutcheon brought herself in and was charged with first-degree murder. Brenda McCutcheon, who was 69 years old when she was sentenced, recently filed an appeal, but a three-judge panel rejected her petition in December 2021. Details of the murder and the circumstances leading up to it were discussed again in the appeal ruling, with her lawyers asserting that the court was distracted from reaching the proper conclusion due to Frank’s brother’s evidence. Keep an eye out for this Friday’s (May 13) 9/8c airing of Dateline on NBC.

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