Is Chris Olsen and Abbie Herbert related? Fans are puzzled about Abbie Herbert and Chris Olsen’s relationship, Details discussed

Many of Abbie Herbert and Chris Olsen’s fans on TikTok have asked whether the two TikTokers are related. This is in response to the former claiming that Olsen is an uncle to her kid. The announcement that Herbert had given her kid the name “Poot” caused her to become a viral sensation online. With around 11 million TikTok fans, the influencer is a major player on the platform. Abbie and her husband Josh have an age gap of six years; last week, her fans began trolling her about it. Herbert shared a video on TikTok on February 2 in which Chris Olsen holds Poot, who is nine months old. The followers were really happy with the surprise crossing. Abbie Herbert said that her uncle Chris had come from Pittsburgh to see her. She referred to even the TikToker as “brother.”

Does Abbie Herbert have any relation to Chris Olsen? Fan’s reactions to their relationship

The hilarious stuff that Chris Olsen posts on TikTok brought him the most fame there. On the video-sharing website, he has more than six million followers. Previously stated footage of Chris interacting with Poot has gone viral. Fans could immediately see the infant forming a close relationship with her uncle. Some internet commenters who cast doubt on the strength of the link between siblings prompted a round of “What?! It’s unclear whether this is a joke or whether he is your brother. Someone another said, “I just don’t see the dots.” If you’re going to ask me anything, it’s this: what took us so long to finally connect? One of the fans who can’t believe that the two TikTokers are related asked that the pair provide evidence of themselves when they were younger.

Is Chris Olsen Abbie’s brother?

While several followers are certain that the two popular TikTokers had a connection in real life, some are under the impression that the rumour may have been an elaborate hoax. Both the original video and Chris’s Stitch have been overwhelmed with speculation, with some even attempting to track out Abbie’s maiden name to establish whether or not they are, in fact, siblings. To date, neither Abbie Herbert nor Chris Olsen has verified their sibling relationship. This latter group seems to be spreading the rumours anyhow. On Herbert’s TikTok, he wrote, “love my niece.”

However, Chris Olsen’s stepsister’s name is Carolina. After his father married his stepmother, he and his stepmother became siblings. There is still a lot of interest in Herbert and Olsen’s history together, and fans want to know more. Many individuals went to great lengths in an effort to discover Olsen’s maiden name. However, at this time, such information is not currently accessible over the internet. Chris Olsen also uploaded a video of himself making a joke about the name “Poot,” which he shared with the internet. He wrote, “I should have visited sooner,” under the box for reader feedback.

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