Is Eugene Mulvihill Dead? What Happened To Action Park’s Owner?

Water parks and adventure parks are two types of amusement parks that are consistently frequented by thousands of people each day and are among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In the United States, a destination known as Action Park can be found in the state of New Jersey. This destination is both fascinating and stunning. Great American Recreation was the company that owned the park when it first opened to the public in 1978, and ever since then, it has been very successful as a tourist destination.

The park’s primary draw is its water-based attractions. The opposite side of this coin is the true story of the most dangerous amusement park in United States history, detailed in the recently released documentary on HBO titled “Class Action Park.” In the most recent episode of HBO Max’s documentary series, which explores the beginnings and eventual demise of the renowned Class Action Park, one of the owners of the Action Park, Eugene Mulvihill, was the primary subject.

Who is Eugene Mulvihill?

After making the purchase of the Mountain Creek and Crystal Springs Golf Resorts in New Jersey, Eugene Mulvihill established himself as a successful businessman and property developer. His childhood was spent in West Orange, New Jersey, and he received his education at Lehigh University. After that, he became a captain in the United States Marine Corps. Gene was the nickname that everyone called him by.

In addition to operating an amusement park business, he also invested in other businesses and industries, such as cellular broadcasting, cancer treatment, robots, and real estate development. When he first started, he had nothing, but he could make a substantial portion of his money on Wall Street because he was adept at choosing stocks.

Through his amusement park, he made investments in other markets and opportunities, including cancer medical research and mobile phone broadcasting, amongst many other fields of business. At Action Park in Vernon Township, New Jersey, there was a lot of fun to be had in and around the water; nevertheless, the park had a poor safety reputation due to its position.

What is the cause of the Action Park owner’s death?

Eugene Mulvihill died on October 27, 2012, leaving six children. When he passed away at his house, he was 78 years old. The public does not know what caused him to pass away. Gene’s life and work will forever be remembered in New Jersey, the state in which he was born and brought up. According to statements made by the former Governor of New Jersey, Chis Christie, Gen. Mulvihill has been instrumental in the expansion of the economy in Sussex County. Those people who had the good fortune to have worked with him will miss him much now that he has passed away. Not much information is known about how he met and married his wife, Gail, but by the grace of God, the couple seems to have six children together.

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