Is It True That Ted Cruz’s Adolescent Daughter Was ‘Outed’ On social media? TikTok video of Caroline Cruz gets viral, Details explained!

On December 6, officers and firefighters from the Houston Police Department and the Houston Fire Department were sent to the residence of Texas Senator Ted Cruz after receiving information that a 14-year-old boy needed medical attention for wounds that he had inflicted on himself. After reading such accounts, many people began worrying about Cruz’s daughters and speculated that one of them might be involved in the tragedy. We now have confirmation that both of Cruz’s girls are in good health.

What happened to Ted Cruz’s daughter?

Since police have not said whether a Cruz family member was involved, most speculation has focused on Senator Cruz’s daughters. A young girl reportedly stabbed herself in the arm and required medical attention in the affluent area of River Oaks, as reported by the police. The girl’s injuries were seen in the hospital, where she stayed for some time. According to ABC13 in Houston, supporters for Cruz claim this is a family situation but have assured the public that Cruz’s girls are safe. According to Cruz’s spokesman, the event did not result in any significant injuries. The spokesman noted that the family has asked that their daughter’s privacy be respected at this time. Cruz is now in Washington, and his return to Houston to be with his family is unknown.

Caroline Cruz’s sad family Christmas letter went viral on TikTok last year

In December of 2021, Caroline Cruz, then 14 years old, became a global sensation when a picture of the Cruz family Christmas card, in which Caroline appears glum, was released online by the daughter of a Texas judge. The video significantly impacted Caroline’s TikTok follower count, which skyrocketed after it was posted. Caroline’s first video following her sudden rise in popularity was a list of the benefits and drawbacks of being Ted’s daughter, in which she emphasized that she disagrees with her father on almost every issue. Caroline revealed that she’s bisexual but hasn’t told her father yet and that the photographs for the Christmas card had been manipulated to make it appear like the garment she was wearing covered her chest when it was a crop top. She did state her belief that he wouldn’t be angry with her.

Caroline has locked down her TikTok account

Caroline’s account turned private a few hours after she came out as bisexual. Many speculated that Caroline’s father had found the account and instructed his daughter to make it private, thus the rapid change in status. Yet, the truth remains a mystery, and the latest instances of self-harm may be unrelated to whatever transpired. Not much has been heard from Caroline or the rest of the Cruz family since they made their account private. He must maintain Cruz’s personal life and political career distinct, especially now that his family is coping with what is almost certainly a trying circumstance. His wish for privacy is understandable, and it may be helpful for his daughter to have some space and quiet to think things out.

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