Is Megan Fox still dating MGK? Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly React to Breakup Rumours at a Lunch date

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are “doing just well” and have “no huge difficulties,” according to a person close to the pair, who has spoken out in reports that the couple is breaking up. Due to their partners’ sudden disappearances from each other’s social media, followers naturally began to speculate about a split. Amidst the couple’s split rumours, the two were invited to lunch together in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Fans have speculated that Megan Fox and MGK broke up

This engaged pair is still very much together and in love. The rumours started when they were both absent from each other’s social media posts and were not seen together in public. Fox’s absence at MGK’s home stadium event earlier this month just fueled the fire of scepticism. However, Kelly mentioned Megan throughout the performance, claiming he had just spoken to his “wife” before taking the stage. Then he informed them that Megan had said, “When you’re on stage, you’re where you love to be.” Put every thought out of your mind. No one will expect you to prove anything. Every one of them made the trip to come to visit you. Simply put, on the finest show, you can make it the best show they’ve ever seen.

The fact that they haven’t been seen in public together for a while lent more credibility to rumours that they weren’t over. In recent days, MGK has been active on his social media platforms, posting updates on his trip. Fox also used the site to show some behind-the-scenes photos from the SKIMS ad campaign she did with Kourtney Kardashian. The lack of any joint public appearances by the couple contributed greatly to the spread of the rumours. As recent photos show, however, the couple is as happy together as ever, ending reports of a split.

Megan and MGK put an end to split rumours by taking photos together over lunch

Social media users have speculated that Megan Fox and MGK had broken up. However, the two were seen out to lunch this week, matching in cotton candy prints. The photographs prove that the partnership between the two people is as strong as ever. A photographer was called as soon as the pair were seen, and they quickly exchanged hugs and smiles for the camera. When fans saw the photos, they knew the reports of the engaged couple’s breakup were unfounded.

Megan Fox was spotted wearing a baby blue sports bra and matching shorts, while MGK wore a long-sleeved top with a pink and blue cartoon lion. In June 2020, they told the world they were dating, and in January 2022, they shared the news that they were engaged. Even more impressively, Fox posted a video of the artist proposing to the American actress on his website. But they haven’t said when they’ll be married, nor have they shared any information about the ceremony.

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