Is RHOBH’s story about a supposed break-in at Dorit Kemsley’s house a hoax?

The first episode of RHOBH’s return to Bravo was full of exciting moments. Dorit Kemsley was dealing with the aftermath of a break-in, which left her very shaken. Kemsley has talked a lot about the robbery over the past year, and she told the story again at the beginning of Season 12, which came out not long after the crime. Many of her fans praised her bravery and determination, while others raised questions and said they thought the whole thing was set up.

In the first episode of season 12 of RHOBH, two people wearing masks broke into Dorit’s house while a security camera was watching them. When Dorit told the break-in story, she said she was threatened with a gun while her two children were sleeping. Paul Kemsley, who goes by the nickname “PK,” was in London when the break-in happened, but he came back the next day.

After the break-in

Dorit and the other women got together the next day at Kyle Richards’ house, where she broke down and cried. She said that the kids would often sleep in the bedroom with her when her husband was at work. Because of the effects of jet lag, she locked her child in her room that night.

The actress from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” kept talking about what happened. She said that when she finally got into bed, she heard a noise and thought it was her kids. She thought back on what had happened and said,

Dorit said that she was then held at gunpoint while she and her children’s lives were in danger, and she begged for her own life. She remembered that one of the guys had asked her to show them where the treasures were, so she did that in her head. She kept her cool as she begged the people who broke in to save her children.

Even though they were taking other things from the house, Dorit begged the thieves to leave her phone alone. Then, they left it at the front gate, where she found it later. When she did, she called the police.

The comments by the actress

The actress from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cried as she talked about what she was thinking at the time. In her words: The only thing I could think was that I had to do everything I could to save these kids.

Dorit later told the other people that she didn’t think she would leave the situation alive. Erika suggested that Dorit goes to counselling so that they could figure out how to get over what happened and move on with their lives. Also, the other housewives told her they were there for her.

Some viewers said they didn’t believe the RHOBH star’s story, even though the situation gave them chills. Dorit’s house was broken into in the first episode of the new season of RHOBH, making people react differently. Fans of the reality TV star Dorit showed her love and support on Twitter. They thanked her for being brave and praised her for being strong. In the meantime, some people say that the whole story doesn’t seem true.

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