James Charles has been trolled online over Ghislaine Maxwell’s new hairdo, Details discussed

James Charles, the controversial YouTuber, is once again making headlines. The cosmetics expert posted photos of his new haircut on social media, which caused internet users to express their surprise. They said he was just like the notorious socialite Giselle Maxwell. Charles wore a white shirt and little makeup for a live social media session. In contrast, everyone was talking about his new hairstyle. Short and blunt, Charles’s hairstyle stood out. He has almost 24.3 million YouTube followers at the age of 22.

 Charles has established himself as one of the most popular makeup artists on social media, which has led to the growth of his following. His social media accounts have been “canceled” for several months. The turning point for Charles was when he discovered he was in the news for all the wrong reasons. He was being accused of online “grooming” of other males. Charles is being mocked for his haircut just as he is trying to rebrand himself online.

Reactions to James Charles’ new hairstyle on the Internet

People on the internet saw a striking similarity between the YouTuber and the sexual offender Maxwell. The latter was found guilty of aiding and abetting Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy man who abused minors. Just surfing the web, one might get images of Maxwell with hairstyles like his bangs. They took a swipe at the YouTuber for the grooming incident he was involved in by comparing him to the sex offender mentioned before. For some James Charles fans, the singer’s choice of hairstyle was just out of touch with the times.

After posting a picture of his new haircut on Instagram, Charles has received a barrage of negative comments, as reported by Def Noodles. The Instagram post has been given a variety of responses, which can be seen by swiping left or right. According to one comment, someone threatened to throw eggs and flour at the celebrity during his tour to Australia. However, many of James’ supporters quickly came to his rescue, stating things like, “Didn’t idea Australia still had so many tight-minded and homophobic individuals.” There were many responses to the post criticizing the “inconsiderate,” “atrocious,” and “so needless” remarks. However, Seven may have edited most of the hostile ones.

The evolution of James Charles’ style

With 16.2 million Instagram followers and 16 million YouTube subscribers, James has quickly risen to become one of the largest internet superstars during the previous three years. Celebrities like Iggy Azalea, Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato, and Katy Perry are among those he has worked with to create YouTube beauty lessons. In February of 2021, the YouTuber had a major image makeover as his short hairstyle became viral.

By debuting a bald appearance, Charles let his admirers know that he had just shaved his head. No one could have predicted such a radical change for the beauty influencer. A wig theory emerged as memes depicting Charles’ bald appearance spread throughout the web. Nonetheless, he had already shared the news that he had shaved his head in an Instagram story. In addition, he posted a video on YouTube on the same topic.

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