Jo Koy talks about his marriage and ex-wife in response to Chelsea Handler relationship allegations, Get to meet Jo Koy’s ex-wife Angie King

Jo Koy and her longtime friend Chelsea Handler were seen together at a Los Angeles Dodgers game earlier this month, sparking relationship speculations between the two. Both were dressed like Dodgers fans and photographed holding hands during the event. A picture with the actress was also posted to the Jo Koy: In His Elements actor’s Instagram story. Only days ago, media publications revealed that the two were said to have PDA in California last month.

Does Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy continue to have a relationship?

Jo has been forthright about the status of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler. When chatting with ET, he expressed satisfaction with his progress in resuming his relationship with Chelsea. Resuming their friendship was natural since they had always been close. When asked what the future holds for their relationship, Jo simply responded, “We’re wonderful friends, and that’s how it will always be.” We’ll win because we’ll always have each other’s backs. Being the mother of her kid, Angie King, Jo’s ex-wife, and the subject of a lovely relationship on Jo’s part, it’s little wonder he’s been able to take the breakup so well. Angie persuaded Jo to move in with her and their kid during the start of the coronavirus epidemic so that they could be close.

What is Jo Koy’s Relationship Status

Jo Koy has not found a new partner since his breakup with Chelsea Handler. The comedian’s career has been thriving since the breakup announcement. Jo has had several opportunities to discuss his dating life on the ensuing press tour following both films’ release. On the subject of the split, he has spoken very little. He had nothing but glowing words about Chelsea and their time together, and he sounded hopeful about the prospect of finding another love like theirs again. Jo says the two comedians still love one other despite their breakup.

Get to meet Jo Koy’s ex-wife Angie King

Angie King, formerly known as Jo Koy’s wife, is a singer and performer of Filipino descent who now resides in the United States. Her stage name, Nura Luca, has become her most recognisable identity. They began dating in Jo’s early days as a musician, and she eventually married him. Supposedly, the two were there for each other through the highs and lows of their life. Joe J. Herbert Jr. was born to them in 2003. They divorced after their marriage failed. After splitting up and remaining close friends, they opted to co-parent their 18-year-old kid. While they are no longer together, Angie encourages Jo in his career pursuits and is often referenced in his stand-up comedy sets. King is dating Gino Perez, a skateboarder, and painter. They also started a clothing business together, which they dubbed Mexican U.F.O. The duo even worked on a design with Jo, which he wore on his international tour and the Netflix special Comin’ In Hot!

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