Keep Your Finger on the Fashion Pulse: Seven Accessories That Will Rock In 2022

It’s a new year, and you are now no doubt keen to ring in the new you. Fashion trends come thick and fast, and you’ll need to make sure that you are ahead of the curve, which can be both tough and financially costly. 

Most fashion crazes are cyclical, and very rarely are they completely unique, but either way, you can’t afford to be behind the times, not if you consider yourself to be something of a bone fide fashionista.

Fortunately, in some ways, there are more than enough willing gurus and stylists who can’t wait to tell you what you should be packing in your wardrobe, but sometimes the sheer weight of choice can confuse matters. So let us help up in your endeavor to meet your 2022 fashion goals.

The winter is very much upon us, and here is a list of great accessories that not only work for the current season but will rock your look throughout the year.  

Personalized Jewelry

2021 saw a massive upturn in sales of custom-made jewelry, and this was due to a couple of key factors. Firstly there was no end of celebrities and personalities wearing these at huge events, and that brought them very much into the public eye and secondly the costs of buying these, especially online, has become very inexpensive.

We think that an initial necklace would be an ideal choice as it’s a more subtle way of personalizing your jewelry accessories. There are a wealth of options to look into with this form of accessory, so shop around and find one that is truly unique in its stylistic approach and then wear it with pride as it gives your overall look that extra wow factor you’ve been looking for.

Cashmere Scarves

Now clearly, this isn’t an inexpensive item, but the good thing about cashmere is that it lasts, especially if you treat it well. Scarves were quite big in 2021, but in 2022 there’s a push to be a bit more sophisticated in your approach to wearing them. Cashmere is ideal for winter, and that way, not only will you feel as stylish as possible, you’ll also feel the benefit of the material as it shields you from the elements.

You can choose to be relatively muted in terms of the color palette as cashmere is most commonly in these types of understated colors, or you could look to be more daring in your approach. Cashmere has the added benefit of being perfect for any age group and has that level of timeless quality that, in many ways, is what you pay for.

Claw Clips Continue to Thrive

2021 was very forgiving when it came to the issue of keeping your hair in check, and while scrunchies may not continue their comeback into 2022, claw clips are thankfully very much still going to be in fashion.

They are playful and are ideal for keeping your hair in check, and can go with pretty much any outfit. You can look to use brighter colors for everyday use and maybe more blingy claw clips for a night out. Always have a bunch in your bag, just in case.

Berets are Back

Maybe it’s something to do with the success of the Netflix show Emily in Paris or just because they are something of an elegant but practical option, but berets are most certainly going to be massive in 2022.

Once again, they not only offer a functional quality, but they can also keep your head warm in the winter. Usually, we associate berets with fairly monotone colors, but if you are feeling particularly courageous, you can always opt for those that have a splash more color. 

Face Mask Chain

Now, this is an exciting accessory choice that is very much apt for the coming year. No doubt you’ll spend far too much of the year wearing a face mask, and while many of us have trendy patterns and prints on our masks, there is a way to really add some pizazz to your facemask choice.

You can now get great face mask chains that are both cool and glamorous and also very useful when you want to keep yourself protected. These come in a wide range of colors and styles and are just a nice bit of additional detailing that can help make you stand out from the crowd.

Logo Brooches

2021 was all about logos and wearing the names of your favorite fashion designers and houses on your sleeves, sometimes quite literally. Now a good way to continue this trend is with logo brooches.

This combination of jewelry that is both classy from a stylish perspective is also an excellent way to name check those designers and labels that you really can’t get enough of. These vary a great deal in terms of costs but are an excellent way of adding something extra to your overall ensemble.

Pearl Chokers

Pearls made a major comeback in 2021, and they are still very much in for 2022; and while there are many ways to wear them, we are still very fond of the tried and tested pearl choker, which gives you an effortlessly upmarket swanky look. 

Again you can look to splash out on the real thing or opt for fake pearls. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter; they both work great.

Make 2022 Your Year

Regardless of your budget and style, try to make 2022 your year. This might mean you take a step outside your comfort zone and really go for it, or you stick with the styles and fashions that you know you wear well.

Fashion is meant to be fun, and accessories are a great way to breathe new life into your overall wardrobe. Sometimes just the addition of a handful of great accessories can totally revamp what you have in your closet. 

An accessory works best when it not only looks great in itself but adds something extra to the outfit it’s paired with. An added bonus is an accessory that goes with simply everything; that’s the holy grail to aim for, so we wish you happy hunting!

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