Khaby Lame alleged of “body shaming” in resurfacing TikTok Videos, Details discussed!

TikTok star Khaby Lame, who has become an internet sensation thanks to his videos, has been accused of making his colleague producers feel bad about their bodies. The 21-year-old user recently became the second individual on TikTok to surpass the milestone of 100 million followers, following in the footsteps of Charli D’Amelio. However, issues started cropping up as soon as TikToker became one of the most prominent content producers on TikTok. The practice was widely criticized when Khaby Lame openly shamed TikTokers for their bodies.

Several irate TikTokers expressed their relief that they had never followed you. How can people still have such high regard for him after all he’s done? Oh, so from this point on, we are all engaged in the practice of body shaming. They find it hard to imagine that he would behave in such a rude manner. I’d like it if you guys would treat him with the same passion you showed Charli when you cancelled her because she didn’t enjoy her meal.

Why is Khaby Lame discontinued?

Khabane “Khaby” Lame started his professional life working in a factory; nevertheless, he has since climbed through the ranks to become one of the most prominent content producers on social media. Lame is the kind of person that often films himself on camera while making angry expressions in reaction to social network breaches. TikTok has become a craze all over the globe, even though his videos do not include a single word. The figure of almost 34.1 million people who follow Khaby Lame on Instagram may be seen on his account.

On the other side, fans on the internet dug out an older video of Lame in which he seems to publicly insult the physical appearance of other content creators. The internet did not react positively to this in any way. Because of Lame’s quickly expanding internet notoriety, any disagreement was sure to bring a significant number of people who disagreed with him. Lame may now be a YouTube celebrity, but with that fame comes the need to take responsibility for the content that he publishes.

After the viral video made a commotion, there was a significant show of support for him. One of our supporters said, “You guys are far too dramatic.” Another individual concurred with you on that point eight months ago. After he has completed 100 episodes, the plan is to have him terminated from the show. After getting his t-shirt trapped in the door handle of a vehicle while shooting one of his successful movies, Khaby Lame was forced to extract himself from the door of the vehicle.

He was making fun of the individual who had uploaded a video of an especially complex way to free themselves from the t-shirt. The video uploaded by Lame has amassed close to 158 million views since it was first made online. In yet another video that has gone viral, Lame can be seen making fun of a person who cuts pizza with a plastic knife. Here, Khaby Lame struggles to cut the pizza. Lame hasn’t responded to online criticism.

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