List of models and other details about the Air Fryer Recall 2022 in response to reports of flames and accidents

On Thursday, April 21, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall for Insignia air fryers and microwaves due to the possibility that they may catch fire. After getting numerous reports from customers claiming that their products were spontaneously bursting, the company issued a recall for over 600,000 items. The recall is being coordinated by Best Buy, Health Canada, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in the United States.

It is anticipated that there will be approximately 635,000 recalled products, with an anticipated total of 137,000 of those products being situated in Canada. There are examples of digital and traditional models of air fryers and air cookery devices among the affected appliances. It has been said that Best Buy was the retailer that sold the defective goods. Internet merchants such as Amazon and eBay were the primary drivers of sales during this period.

What types of air fryers are being recalled, and why, exactly?

According to the statement released by the CPSC, Best Buy has received approximately 68 customer complaints regarding the gadget catching fire, breaking down, or sparking. There have been 36 reports from Canadian consumers to the retail giant about the same issues. As a direct consequence of the incident, there have been two reports of individuals suffering injuries; among those injured is a child who sustained a limb injury. Additionally, seven instances of “minor property damage” that can be attributed to the defective devices have been documented.

The statement made by the CPCS 

All models of Insignia air fryers, both digital and analog, as well as the Insignia air fryer oven, are included in this recall.

Identification Numbers for Models

NS-AF32MBK9-C, Black, 3.2 L (Analog)

NS-AF53MSS0-C, 4.7 L, Stainless Steel (Analog)

NS-AF55DBK9-C, Family Size, Black (Digital)

Black, NS-AF50MBK9-C, 9.5-liter (Analog)

AFO6DSS1-C, Black, 9.5 L (Digital)

NS-AF50DBK0-C, 5L, Stainless Steel (Digital)

The affected variants include a star rating and are labelled with a logo according to the specifications they were given. A range of capacities is available for these models, from 3.2 to 9.5 gallons. (approximately).

Customer’s Refund

Anyone possessing one of these products has been instructed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to immediately stop using it and to request that it be returned. If you bring the affected model back to Best Buy, you’ll receive a store credit worth $50 that you can spend at any Best Buy location or on their website. On the other hand, it would appear that consumers who spend more than $50 will have the difference returned to them.

According to the allegations, Best Buy managed returns by contacting consumers who had purchased affected products during the period in question. Customers who cannot bring their gadget to one of Best Buy’s locations can opt to have it sent to them in a prepaid delivery package instead. Customers don’t even need the original ticket to get a $50 or more reimbursement.

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