List of Top 5 4th Gen K-pop Stars with Extremely Meaningful Tattoos, Details explored!

While several third-generation K-pop stars have inked their bodies, few members of the fourth generation have followed suit. Some idol contracts expressly forbid members from inking themselves. Others have no interest in being tattooed. Tattoos are popular for K-pop singers to express themselves; some do it for aesthetic reasons, while others seek more meaningful designs. As a result of seeing K-pop celebrities with tattoos that have profound meaning, fans are inspired to infuse their lives with the same kind of significance. Here is a ranking of the most prominent tattooed fourth-generation K-Pop stars.

Popular members of the fourth generation of K-pop who have significant tattoos

Hongjoong (ATEEZ)

Despite having several temporary tattoos in the past, Hongjoong now only has one permanent tattoo, on the inside of his ankle, according to his admirers. Hongjoong designed this one, which says “FAITH” in a horizontal pattern with wings on either side. Hongjoong showed off a new tattoo inspired by Peter Pan, one of his favourite flicks. Thus, he reasoned, it resembled wings. I had these wings tattooed on my ankle since I was a huge Peter Pan fan as a child. I wanted to remember my love of the character (and Kensington Gardens) by having the words “Never Grow Up” etched in the centre of the wings. I selected the word “Faith” since it has particular value to me. Hongjoong proceeded by describing the tattoo’s design and significance. The idol stated the tattoo meant, “The word I is centred (between the wings, I have the wings.) So, I’m flying, and I believe.” I also conveyed an essential message. For lack of a better expression, yes!

Chan (TO1)

There are three large tattoos on Chan’s torso, and they all mean something different. He has a palm leaf on his arm, indicating health and wellness. The second is a whale on the inside of his forearm, symbolising his affection for his elder sister in various subtler ways. And last, he seems to have a bouquet, the universal symbol of joy, tattooed on the back of his neck.

Dohyun (MIRAE)

Dohyun, a songwriter and vocalist for a popular Korean pop band, has the words “organ donor” tattooed on the inner side of his arm. Even though his admirers haven’t looked at it yet, he has a tattoo on his chest, just below his collarbone.

Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

At present, Soyeon has two tattoos. She first hesitated to have a lotus blossom tattoo on her shoulder blade, but after getting it, she found it wasn’t as painful as she had anticipated. Her second arm tattoo is a heartbeat she received when she signed up to be an organ donor.

Wooyoung (ATEEZ)

Wooyoung is another ink-clad ATEEZ member. The first one is poetic writing on his thigh. That’s why we say “Amicus ad aras.” It’s a Latin term that he and fellow ATEEZ member San share, which means “friends unto death.” The two ATEEZ members utilise this term to stress their connection. Even more astounding, he has two tattoos, one of which says “sans prosa without pausa” in Spanish. It may be felt on the left side of his rib cage. He recently got the tattoo “I’m never alone, and I will never be” on his upper back to express a strong message. Many K-pop artists have opted to ink themselves, even though this is frowned upon in Korean society. Numerous celebrities have important tattoos as a form of self-expression. Several K-pop singers are spreading positive vibes with their tattoos.

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