Lizzie Norton defends Dirty Dancing on TikTok, She addressed rumours about their relation

TikTok viewers are confused by a humorous video that has gained widespread attention. A sequence in which Nanny Lizzie Norton and Andrew danced suggestively together offended several of the audience members who saw the show. During their rehearsal of the lift from “Dirty Dancing,” Andrew’s wife Rachel filmed them with a video camera. People on the internet seem to think that Andrew must have been trying to woo the nanny.

What’s the deal with the viral Dirty Dancing video?

Rachel titled the video with the description, “The nanny-dad stuff nobody asked for.” In the TikTok video, her husband Andrew and Norton can be seen taking turns being carried by the other as they are both wrapped in the arms of the other person. Andrew walked away from the conversation. Rachel said in the TikTok video title that this happens when the father arrives home before the babysitter does.

In the video, Andrew’s hands can be seen clinging to Lizzie’s chest and lightly touching the base of her breasts. This can be seen happening many times throughout the clip. However, the video that Rachel posted to TikTok received over 6.6 million views for all the wrong reasons. TikTok viewers said that it was “uncomfortable to watch” the content. On the site for sharing videos, TikTok, a number of users observed that the pair’s proximity did not seem natural.

Reaction to the Dirty Dancing video from TikTok users

Over a million people have seen the video, and a significant number of TikTok users have pointed out that it contains inappropriate content. One of the comments on the video included the phrase, “This video was the only reason for my divorce.” In all my fifteen years of experience working in child care, I have never once encountered anything like this. Similar to a photograph of Ben Affleck.

A friend or family member would only support such conduct if they really wanted to believe nothing was wrong. The number of people leaving troubling comments on Rachel’s post about the video kept growing. As a direct result of this, the babysitter, Norton, signed up for the TikTok app. Rachel’s steadfast support was there for their babysitter, who is 23 years old, during the whole procedure. He said that she is like a younger sister to Andrew, and the two of them are funny. We support her when she makes bad dating or other decisions. We voice our disapproval of her actions while also expressing our admiration for her. She also put an end to the accusations that the babysitter was too young to watch the children.

After then, Norton elucidated, “I’m not being groomed,” which, as a result, calmed down the audience. Rachel made a strong request to the users of TikTok to stop their harassment of the babysitter. She called the nanny an angel and asked why people on the internet jumped to the worst possible conclusion about an innocent encounter.

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