Madden NFL 23 Predicts Easy Super Bowl LVII Victory for the Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl LVII takes place on February 12 at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, and sees the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles in American Football’s biggest game. The hype around the Super Bowl is real. Fans of both Super Bowl teams love it, as do neutrals, while punters will place bets in Missouri to Michigan and from Las Vegas to New Jersey. Advertisers also spend up to $7 million for a 30-second ad during the breaks! The Super Bowl is one of the greatest sporting events on the calendar, one watched by over 100 million viewers globally.

Everyone has an opinion on who will win the Super Bowl. This year, Chiefs fans believe their beloved team will win their second title in four seasons, while supporters of the Eagles will, no doubt, be confident about winning their second title since they last won it in 2017. Bookmakers made their predictions as soon as the two Super Bowl teams were decided, but did you know a video game predicts the outcome of the Super Bowl each year, and it has been quite accurate at times?

Madden NFL Video Game Makes Its Super Bowl Predictions

Madden NFL is the go-to video game series for American Football fans. The game has been around since 1988, with a new title released annually. EA Sports, the game’s developers, use real-life statistics to create an ultra-realistic game where every NFL player has detailed statistics, and their video game counterpart acts precisely as they do on the field. The level of realism is impressive, allowing Madden NFL to make accurate predictions regarding football games.

The Madden NFL game has made Super Bowl predictions for 18 seasons and has been correct 11 times, including its forecast at Super Bowl XLIX, where it said the New England Patriots would beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24. Amazingly, the game predicted that then Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would throw a winning touchdown to wide receiver Julian Edelman, which is exactly what happened as the Patriots came from behind to win 28-24!

Last year, the game predicted that the Cincinnati Bengals would beat the Los Angeles Rams 24-21, and although this was wrong because the game ended 23-20 in favor of the Rams, it was scarily close with the points spread.

Which team does the Madden NFL 23 game think will become Super Bowl champions this weekend? Its simulated match ended with the Philadelphia Eagles running out 31-17 victors in a relatively straightforward game for the men from the city of brotherly love. Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts is expected to have a good game, throwing 282 yards and three touchdowns. Hurts’ Chiefs counterpart, Patrick Mahomes, throws for 249 yards and one touchdown.

The video game expects the Super Bowl to be tied 10-10 at halftime when Barbadian superstar Rhianna takes to the field for the famous Super Bowl halftime show, but the Eagles come out firing in the third quarter and ultimately put the Chiefs to bed.

What is the Likely Outcome of the Actual Super Bowl Game?

The Chiefs and Eagles have only played against each other nine times since 1972, with the last battle taking place in October 2021, which the Chiefs won 42-30. The smart money is on an Eagles victory because although the Chiefs have the best quarterback, the Eagles have the best overall roster man-for-man. In addition, the Eagles have an incredible defense, and defenses often win you football games. The Eagles are slight favorites going into the season’s finale, but most bookmakers only think they are favorites by 1.5 points, not the 14 spread that Madden NFL 23 predicted. We only have a few days to wait to see if the video game’s thoughts are accurate.

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