Matthew West’s “Modest is Hottest” lyrics provoke outrage online, Details discussed

On June 18, 2021, Christian singer-songwriter Matthew West released a new song titled “Modest is Hottest,” which drew criticism from certain areas. The singer receives harsh backlash over the song’s lyrics, which some have interpreted as encouraging women to dress modestly. A parent himself, Matthew West, sings this song about his family in a music video that also stars his wife and two kids. The song has been criticized for its sexism since it begins with the lyricist condemning women for being attractive and enticing males with their attractiveness.

Discussion of the song “Modest is Honest”

In the song’s second paragraph, Matthew West sings that humility is all the rage. The newest trend in clothing is a little more Amish and a bit less Kardashian, and it’s called modest. The go-to outfit for guys is a turtleneck and a pair of dress pants. The artist also performs a track directed at the video-sharing and content-making app TikTok. You will be grounded until the end of the world if I find you performing dances on TikTok while wearing a crop top. So help me, God. The song develops as he continues to opine on women’s clothes, this time urging them to dress in layers.

Further attempting satire that comes out as insulting, West adds that parents want their children to be more like Jesus and less like Cardi B. Parents everywhere are sending up prayers that their daughters will all bundle up. Parents everywhere are begging God to make them more like Jesus and less like Cardi B, and the answer is clear: they’re already praying. People quickly criticized the song, accusing Matthew West of negatively portraying modern women.

Twitter criticizes Matthew West’s latest song about women

Christian songs and albums by Matthew West are popular all around the globe. West, who has released five studio albums, received five nominations for Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association of the United States in 2005. Over the years, he amassed three GMA Dove Awards. In 2013, he also took home the “Best Contemporary Inspirational Artist” trophy at the American Music Awards.

The artist has severely let down his audience with this new album. Several Twitter users have called out the artist for his lyrical choices in Modest is Hottest, which have outraged parents and students. Matthew West tweeted on the day of the single’s release that it is a light-hearted perspective on an age-old battle. He said the song was written to teach girls that superficial characteristics like looks are not what makes them unique.

Matthew West tweeted on its release that the song is a humorous spin on a timeless conflict. He insisted, perhaps unreasonably, that the song was created to teach girls that beauty does not define them. Unfortunately, neither the humor nor the overall premise of the song went over well with the target audience. It is unclear whether musician Matthew West would make any additional public statements about the ongoing hostility he has received online.

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