Minecraft star TommyInnit was banned from TikTok, Fans suspect Veganteacher, Details discussed

Followers committed to discovering the truth are looking into why Tommyinnit was banned from TikTok. The investigators on the web, who are his admirers, claim that they have a few theories about why he was banned. The following is Hashtag Heyna’s expert assessment of the current predicament.

Who is TommyInnit?

TommyInnit, sometimes known simply as “Tommy,” is a British teenager who gained over 6.5 million followers on his YouTube channel due to his live Minecraft broadcasting. Started began on the streaming app Twitch before extending to other platforms such as TikTok, where his fans adore him for his funny attitude. He creates videos about video games and plays Minecraft with other producers. He was no longer permitted to use the website for sharing videos, TikTok because he had been banned for breaching the site’s regulations, which he had only just explained on Twitter. Tommy and many who supported him were baffled by the decision to restrict him from using TikTok since the platform requirements are such straightforward and common knowledge.

Why did TikTok decide to remove TommyInnit’s stream?

Everyone is curious about the reason for Tommy’s absence from the group. Although a more detailed explanation has not been provided, some people believe it may have something to do with breaching the community rules of TikTok. As a direct consequence, a significant number of Tommy’s followers have taken matters into their own hands and are now looking into why he was suspended.

Speculations from Twitter users

The first theory revolves around a different Twitter user named @thatveganteacher. This individual is well-known for her compassion for animals and her vegan way of life. She creates songs about how KFC isn’t vegan since, you know, it’s called Kentucky Fried Chicken for a reason, and she publishes videos in which she scolds people for eating animals. She also posts videos in which she scolds people for eating animals.

On TikTok, the user who goes by the handle “theveganteachers” is a real person named Kadie Karen, also known as @theveganteachers. Due to the fact that Kadie Karen had previously contributed a duet to one of Tommy’s videos, his loyal fans think that she is to blame for the suspension that the latter received from TikTok. Following this, Tommy’s supporters started harassing her in the comments sections of following blogs. Some of her fans now have the opinion that she reported Tommy’s account out of retaliation for all of the trolling that he engaged in against her.

Many people believe it was because she reported Tommy an excessive amount of times that her profile was deactivated since it violated community guidelines to do so. All of this information comes from the supposition of fans, and none of it has been confirmed. On Twitter, memes depicting altered photographs of Tommy in jail with @thatveganteacher’s scribbling have been extensively shared as the hashtag #freeTommy takes popularity. Some of these memes include Tommy being mocked by other inmates.

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