Naruto episode reveals Kakashi’s ‘mystery’ face, Shippuden’s most famous face reveal, Details explored!

Once upon a time, Kakashi Hatake was considered the most mysterious character in the Naruto series. Because of his habitual nonchalance, calm demeanour, and face mask with a tilted headband, he can be distinguished from the other characters in the programme with relative ease. Stories regarding the most wonderful Sensei ever features, especially the mask he wears to cover his face, have circulated the fanbase since a huge chunk of the fandom has a major love for him.

What do you need to know about Kakashi Hatake?

The fans were split almost immediately on whether or not they approved of Kakashi’s reputation as a ruthless and reckless teacher. But, as he shows his audience the power of “Copy Ninja Kakashi,” Kakashi rapidly wins over their affection. Despite this, by the time Naruto Shippuden was over, he had become a very well-liked character, and there was a strong reason for this. Even the Sage of Six Ways was impressed by what he had accomplished. Only Kakashi’s visage has ever been singled out for criticism from fans. Many people who saw the first season of the Naruto anime will remember the episode in which Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura make heroic attempts to remove the mask, but in the end, they are unsuccessful.

To preserve the mental health of his audience, mangaka Masashi Kishimoto wrote a one-off issue in which he revealed Kakashi’s true identity. It was later included as an extra to the Naruto Shippuden anime, which can be found in Episode 469. As was to be expected, the revelation did not fail to satisfy the believers. This was, without a doubt, one of the most iconic sequences from the anime, and it finally ended all of the fan speculations circulating for the previous ten years.

Reasons why Kakashi covers his face with a mask

Many other hypotheses have been put forth. Some have hypothesised that he has resorted to permanently concealing his face as a method of coping with the emotional trauma he had as a child in the wake of his father’s passing. Some people believe that Kakashi hid his face throughout his training to become the perfect Shinobi, who is emotionless and driven only by a feeling of duty. They believe that he did this so that he wouldn’t feel anything other than duty, which is the defining characteristic of the ideal Shinobi.

Moreover, one theory has prevailed over the others in terms of the degree to which it is accepted, most likely because it is the most implausible. Many people believe that Kakashi never shows his face because he constantly has a bloody nose due to reading the Make-Out books. Lovers of Jiraiya’s work know that his “Make-out” volumes include a variety of saucy and sexually explicit narratives in succession. Since Kakashi is so enthusiastic about them, it is not hard to imagine that he might suffer from persistent nosebleeds as a side effect of reading the books so often.

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