Netizens react to Choi Nam-ra, and Lee Soo-hyeok in All of Us Are Dead, Details Explained

Netizens can’t stop buzzing around about the new K drama couple Choi Nam-ra and Lee Soo-Hyeok. A Netflix original show named All of Us are Dead has made everyone on social media watch the film. It has a gripping narrative, and it has gotten the viewer’s and audience’s attention because of the unique character in the film. Every character in the film has brought wit and charm to the show, and the fans are intrigued, especially the characters Lee Soo-hyeok by Park Solomon and Choi Nam-ra by Cho Yi-Hyun. From the first episode’s beginning, netizens and fans have been talking about the chemistry between Choi Nam-ra and Lee Soo-Hyeok. Apart from rooting for the individual characters has separated fans and netzines for the couple hard. Per their fans, they both display their bravery despite even horrifying situations.  

Who is Choi Nam-ra and Lee Soo-hyeok from All of Us are Dead

The first episode of the stage show revealed the character’s intentions and the relationship between them. These two characters have stood out among the fans and Netizens. In the film, the character of Choi Nam-ra is the genius class president who remains distant from her classmates. At the time, the classmates missing the whole class was bizarre in possible, and she kept focusing mainly on her studies. She is considered a cold person, and she is aware of the privilege of what her classmates will use to think about her. Most of the netizens admire her composure and calm and praise her growth in the characters throughout the series.   

In the other part, Lee Soo-hyeok has dispalyed the stark contrast between her and Cho Nam-re, and he is a former bully and wants to seek justice for the aggrieved. He is a social individual and has developed a soft spot for Choi Nam-ra. On the other hand, he is also an athletic and strong student; he will use to display more heroism, bravery, and loyalty in his eye of danger. Most netizens have flooded social media with her charisma and admire her, but some netizens like them both for their relationship.

Their fans will think about their budding romance in the show, even in the apocalyptic situation. Some netizens have said that this couple is the only reason most people have liked to watch the full series. In other words, some netizens have compared the couple’s chemistry with many other popular couples in the series. There are terrifying and also helpless in many situations, so the netzines and fans have enjoyed the love blooming between them in every show. 

 The Netflix series All of Us Are Dead has more violent and emotional scenes, and it will have my sweet Kiss science between Choi Nam Ra and Lee Su Hyuk. In a recent interview, they shared some funny moments while filming the sweet kiss scenes. They both have many fans because of their actions and performances in the series.

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