NFL’s Next Dynasty: Reasons To Root For The Chiefs As The Super Bowl LV Champs

The Kansas City Chiefs are marching to the Super Bowl LV finals twice in a row. They are vying for a back-to-back title since the Pats did it in 2003 and 2004. The Chiefs had impressively finished the American Football Conference (AFC), earning fourteen victories and two losses. That said, they’ll get the favorite odds in the NFL championship game.

During the Divisional Round, the Chiefs made an easy victory after turning down the Browns to a 22-17 game run. In the Conference title slate, everyone was rooting for the undefeated Bills, but the Chiefs craved for more, winning the march to a 38-24 game run. These finishes have let them earn the chance in the finals for a back-to-back Lombardi goal.

Although the Super Bowl finish line and FanDuel betting comes in a few days, the Chiefs are nearly earning the pride of being a highly favored team like what the Pats did 20 years ago. Can the Chiefs have the guts to dispatch the Bucs in the finals and earn a sentimental consecutive Super Bowl title to start a Mahomes-Reid era?

Mahomes Matches With Brady

Patrick Mahomes is heading to the Super Bowl championship the second time around in his four-year playing in the NFL. Once the Chiefs won the title again this weekend, Mahomes can topnotch what Tom Brady has achieved in his early football career.  Mahomes will be the second NFL player to win the most number of titles in the first four seasons.

Obviously, Brady was already at his best, earning the most number of MVP’s and titles since he started working at the NFL. Today, a younger Mahomes is following Brady’s footsteps, given that he already won finals and league MVP. If the Chiefs will win the championship game, Mahomes is the next big thing that the NFL community should look up to.

Andy Reid Will Be An Elite Coach

After attending his college at BYU, Andy Reid started his professional football career as an assistant offensive line coach for the Green Bay Packers. After that,  he moved to the Philadelphia Eagles as the main coach. In 2013, he joined the Kansas City Chiefs until they got the championship title last year against the 49ers.

Achieving the Super Bowl title last year was a bit sentimental for Reid as he completed the ingredients lacking to cook his Hall of Fame resume. If they can do it again this time, Andy Reid will join the ranking of the top five best NFL coaches of all time. With this in mind, Andy Reid is surely making the best out of his skills when the game day comes.

Eric Bienemy Is An Emerging Head Coach

Eric Bienemy joined the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018, working as an Offensive Coordinator. Apart from that, he got the most impressive resume compared to other assistant coaches in the NFL today. Although he had not been given a chance to lead the team yet, Bienemy is an emerging coach that the Chiefs ever had.

With Bienemy’s offensive facility, the Chiefs finished first in the league, talking about each game’s total yards. Besides, he gave Mahomes a chance to earn the League MVP and Super Bowl MVP by accomplishing 13, 838 yards with 114 touchdowns and 23 interceptions last season. Today, Eric might go beyond that achievement if they turn down the Bucs in the finals.

The Chiefs’ Fans Deserve Another Victory

Except for last year, the Chiefs won their last Super Bowl title in 1970. If you are a Chief’s fan, the last 50 years weren’t easy after experiencing the failures and heartaches of entering the finals. After Andy Reid took over the team’s coaching staff in 2013, the road was clearer for the Chiefs until they broke out the drought last season, earning the Lombardi trophy.

While they get another chance to get into the finals again this season, the Chief’s fans will surely cherish this. They are a team who’s likely to win more games in the coming years, especially because they started well last season.

The NFL’s Next Big Thing

Since the New England Patriots’ back-to-back win in 2003-2004, there has been no other team that wins the same achievement as the Pats. Besides, there are only seven teams in NFL history that have won two consecutive Super Bowl titles.

With Reid-Mahomes tandem and another chance to win the Lombardi, the Kansas City Chiefs might be the NFL’s next big thing. This is now the time that the NFL community has the toughest team to look forward to after the Billiechick-Brady split last year.


With the Super Bowl LV finals coming in the next few days, the Kansas City Chiefs get to vie for a back-to-back slate. If they make it, the NFL community will have a historical achievement of having the next best team to defeat every season. Are the Chiefs ready to take the torch of winning the Super Bowl title again?

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