Online trading: Minting money online in the stock market

The stock market is an excellent place to make money, this is a fact that isn’t hidden to anyone. Despite it, merely 3.4% of people in India trade in the stock market. The reason for such minuscule numbers is the volatility in the market, risk, and a lot of uncertainty. These are the main factors that compel the common man with mediocre capital to turn towards safer investment options such as FDs, RDs, etc. even with a low return rate. What the common people fail to understand here is the fact that with proper guidance and self-research they can also make good money. Well, there are people whose home depends upon the stock if it were so volatile and risky then wouldn’t those traders have chosen a safer and stable job. 

For doing trades in the stock market, one necessarily should have a Demat account. It is an account that holds shares in electronic form. This account is provided by a stockbroker, there are several in the market, one can choose according to their convenience. Since the last decade with the advent of the wide reach of the internet online trading has gained quite a lot of momentum. In online trading, the trader can make trades online from the comfort of his/her home. The brokers provide the traders with an application that is capable of running across multiple devices.

Advantages associated with online trading:

  • Simple: If we talk of the barrier of technological knowledge for people in the older age group then Electronic_trading_platformhas done justice to them too. The interfaces of these trading platforms are fairly simple and easy to learn fast and adapt too.
  • Accessibility: The accessibility feature has also been particularly kept in mind while designing the app or website. All that is required for accessing the services of online trading is a working computer, tablet, or mobile and a stable internet connection. Once all these things are assembled one is good to go with trading online.
  • Security: One aspect that has especially garnered the attention of developers is the security issue. In today’s world where the cases of cyber fraud are roaring high security is something that cannot be overlooked. Keeping these things in mind the brokerage firms provide the traders with a unique id and password, which is known only to the trader and can be changed later.
  • Convenience: One aspect that has revamped the entire stock market is convenience. Gone are the days when people used to buy shares in physical form and used to accumulate them. Now shares are digitally stored in the Demat account. One can make the trades from the comfort of their home through their phone or computer.


Carefully examining the facts and details we realize the importance of online trading and the advantages associated with it. When we can avail all these facilities without compromising on anything even trivial then we should incline towards making trades online.

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