Police department criticized after viral video shows a cop kicking a dog, Details explained

On November 30th, a woman named Haley Richey claimed on Twitter that a Terre Haute police officer, most likely Jesse Chambers, kicked her dog in the face. Haley Richey named Chambers as the officer who did this. A Ring doorbell recorded the incident on video and rapidly gained widespread attention online. According to what was said in the tweet, the officer had responded to a call about someone trying to break into a building. According to the tweet, Richey’s dogs chased an intruder out of their house while the rest of Richey’s family was out. The post states that the dogs were able to achieve this. After her neighbor phoned the police to report the incident, a sergeant arrived at the scene shortly after that. Many people on Twitter thought that the officer was Sergeant Jesse Chambers. Ring doorbell footage shows the cop kicking one of the dogs and then pounding on the door.

What did the Terre Haute Police Department say about the allegations?

The Terre Haute Police Department released video from an officer’s body camera on Wednesday, and it seems to show Jesse Chambers getting attacked by a white pit bull as he approaches the front porch of a property. The local police agency said the sergeant visited them after getting information about some of the canine inhabitants becoming aggressive. The officer discusses the dogs’ behaviour concerns with a nearby neighbour. An unknown male resident was charged with not having a vaccinated animal, breaking the law on maintaining dangerous animals, and failing to adequately confine the animals.

The white pit bull reportedly attacked a child in the year 2020. The incident is being investigated. The Terre Haute Police Department was curious as to where the burglary claim came from, given that the first call concerned aggressive dogs. According to the statement, after learning about the video, we made many attempts to get in touch with the male resident to see whether he would want to register a complaint, but he declined each time. In addition, they said that “any suggestion that police were responding to a suspected burglary is untrue.” On the body cam footage, however, Jesse Chambers can be heard purportedly saying, “I’ll kick your stupid dog.” You’re going to get a quick kick from me.

Internet reaction to Sergeant Jesse Chambers’ animal abuse allegations

The video has received various responses on the internet because individuals are free to develop their own conclusions based on the information that is shown to them. However, many people are of the opinion that Sergeant Jesse Chambers was merely trying to protect himself against the dogs’ aggressive behaviour. It’s been said that he was really cruel to animals. The district attorney’s office determined that the event did not constitute a criminal offense. As a result of this, it is anticipated that the suspected officer, Jesse Chambers, will not be charged with any crimes or punished with any disciplinary actions.

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