Professions in the UK that need DBS Checks

One common question asked a lot is do all kinds of jobs in the UK need DBS Checks?

While the answer is generally no, certain jobs do require going for a DBS Check. These are of three kinds Basic, Standard and Enhanced) with each needed for different jobs.

Those working with vulnerable adults or kids will require to undergo a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. It is recommended for such individuals to choose to apply for an Enhanced check because subject to the job profile there might also need to get a Barred List Check carried out as well. It is the potential employer that decides the type of DBS Check needed as per the job profile.

However, it is not the employer to decide whether a standard or enhanced check is needed for any applicant. The decision to get a DBS done is subject to the job profile and the responsibilities of the applicant. The employer has to ensure the job profile and responsibilities the applicant is applying for undergoes the relevant check.

Deciding the kind of DBS Checkrequired

Both standard and enhanced DBS checks are needed for: Nurses and Doctors, Teachers, Nannies and Nursery staff.

Any individual wanting to apply for a Basic check can do it online themselves. For the other two checks, they need to do via their company or institution. Only employers can request for Standard and Enhanced Checks.

However, other professions have strict safety measures in place when it comes to working with vulnerable adults and children. For these professions, an applicant will possibly need a DBS Check.

Mentioned below are those professions that need for a prospective applicant to undergo a DBS Check such as:

Solicitors & barristers: Those that intend to work in the legal sector in the UK as a solicitor or barrister need to undergo a DBS Check. Generally, a Standard Check is needed although it is upto the discretion of the employer to decide the type.

Television crew: People working in the media specifically the television industry from TV presenters to camera crew need a Basic DBS Check. Although, it is not legally required it is among the good practices.

Alcohol sales: Any clubs, pub, restaurant or bar that has a licence to sell alcohol needs to have a supervisor that has a Personal Licence. To obtain the licence, they need to undergo an online Enhanced DBS Check.

Receptionists: The kind of DBS check needed for a receptionist is subject to the area of work. The healthcare and education sectors cover a wide range of job responsibilities including those done by receptionists. Anywhere they come in contact with vulnerable adults or children they will require an enhanced DBS Check. If they work in a regular commercial office all they need is a Basic or Standard check.

Locksmiths: An individual wanting to join a Masters Locksmiths Association needs thorough vetting. Anyone who applies for membership has to undergo a Standard DBS Check.

Pest controllers: Those intending to work in the pest control industry might work at schools, hospitals, private homes and hospitals. Therefore, most organisations request applicants for a Basic DBS Check.

Caterers: Those working as a chef or caterer in a hospital, school or care facility will probably require an enhanced DBS Check. For regular commercial workplaces, they might need any of the other two checks. 

Mortgage advisors: Individuals employed as mortgage advisors are generally FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) registered. They will probably require a Standard Check.  

Events stewards: As they are accountable for the safety of spectators a check is needed. They come under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and need a Standard DBS Check

Probation officers: People working in the Probation Services especially those that connect with ex-offenders require to undergo an Enhanced DBS Check.

Volunteers: As with paid jobs those working as volunteers have the same DBS Checks but with no cost. However, if they interact with vulnerable adults or children in their job responsibility, will require a higher DBS Check.

You can apply for a DBS Check online now 

With the types of professions that are employing additional safeguard policies to deal with the public, online screening of individuals using DBS Checks is becoming the norm. For any kind of DBS checks visit our website

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