Proton therapy for cancer treatment

Despite all the inventions in medicine, the number of cancer patients is still high. Every year more and more effective and safer treatments for cancer are developed. This makes it possible to talk about the remission or improving quality of life even in patients with advanced cancer.

The leader in the number of modern technologies in the field of medicine today is Germany. Here you can find the most innovative equipment for the treatment of all kinds of diseases. Germany is one of the first countries to use proton therapy for cancer treatment. With this technology, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of brain tumors treatment by 35%.

Advantages of Germany

Today, Germany is one of the leading countries in terms of the number of successfully treated cancer patients. Patients from all over the world come here to undergo treatment in state-of-the-art clinics.

One of the main advantages of Germany is the use of advanced methods for cancer treatment, i.e. targeted therapy, proton beam therapy, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and others.

Here you can find world-renowned doctors who have extensive experience in treating the rarest diseases. This allows them to select the most effective treatment regimens for each patient.

Despite all the above, the prices for treatment in Germany are among the lowest in European countries, which attracts a huge number of patients.

What is proton therapy?

Proton therapy for cancer treatment is considered the most advanced type of radiation therapy and involves the use of a high-energy proton beam. Due to the physical properties of proton beams, this method is highly precise, allowing healthcare professionals to target tumors without affecting healthy cells. This allows to avoid or minimize therapy side effects that occur with using the conventional methods of treatment.

In addition, proton therapy can be used to treat tumors of any location, including brain neoplasms. Thanks to the absence of surgical intervention, the method does not require a rehabilitation period after treatment completion. The patient can leave the hospital and return to his everyday activities the next day after the procedure.

Advantages of proton therapy

The method has been discovered relatively recently, but a huge number of positive effects of proton therapy have already been established:

  • Mild side effects allow the elderly and debilitated patients to be treated with proton therapy
  • Reduced risk of secondary cancer in children after proton therapy
  • Patients who have contraindications for surgery due to comorbidities can undergo proton therapy
  • No need for hospitalization, it can be the daily treatment on an outpatient
  • It allows maintaining a high quality of life without having to change patients’ usual lifestyle

Treatment during COVID-19 pandemic

The sudden and rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to the total lockdown in many countries. Millions of patients were left without access to treatment in advanced foreign clinics. However, the good news is that you can still undergo treatment abroad during the lockdown.

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Treatment abroad without difficulties

In today’s world, you no longer need to worry about the difficulties of planning your treatment abroad. All of this and even more will be done for you by Booking Health, the medical tourism operator. With vast experience and a team of professionals, you will easily find the best proton therapy hospital for cancer treatment.

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