Rogue Georgia cop’s TikTok video gets viral. The controversial officer resigns shortly after, Details discussed

According to reports, an embarrassing TikTok video featuring a Georgia police officer led to his resignation when it became popular on the internet. The cop got in his car and went to a secluded area of the city, where he had sexual contact with a woman while still in uniform. The interaction was recorded on video. On March 20, a video was published on TikTok, and more than 16 million people have seen it since it was posted. A Georgia police officer’s chat with a woman was secretly recorded on film by an unknown person using the identity “Dillon Cole” from a cell tower in the area.

The video was annotated with the caption, “Police caught on cam!”. WRDW recognized Larry “Benjamin” Thompson of the Millen Police Department. The officer submitted his resignation after the video was extensively distributed online. The exposure of his past misbehaviour harmed his case.

Investigation of a police officer’s criminal history in Georgia

Larry Thompson was acknowledged by the leadership of the Millen Police Department. After discussing the frightening film with Police Chief Dwayne Herrington, they considered firing the officer. Just before Thompson’s resignation, an old incident report detailing his misconduct was published online and made public. In the year 2019, the cop was responding to a complaint when he fatally hit an elderly driver.

The local news station in Millen, WRDW-TV, reported in 2019 that a cop was going 86 miles per hour when he T-boned a car. This was done when he was travelling to a little town around 75 miles north of Savannah, and it was done so that he could get to a murder scene as swiftly as possible. The motorist, Thompson, was in a hurry and struck and killed a guy who was 76 years old. In 2017, Thompson accidentally shot and killed one of his co-workers who worked in law enforcement.

The fact that Thompson said he was trying to free his jammed pistol when it accidentally went off led the police to conclude that it was an accident. After investigating the occurrence, they discovered that the weapon had not been affected. Then, it was said that Thompson was reckless, which he strongly refuted. In 2021, a woman who claimed to be in a relationship with a Georgia police officer accused him of harassing her. When questioned, Thompson said that she had used the system to search for her new address using the tags she had brought with her. He said he was only returning some items he was no longer interested in purchasing.

On the other hand, after it became known about the incident, he was placed on two days of administrative leave. The only piece of information We were able to locate on the officer in issue was that Larry Thompson received a promotion in the year 2020, which was exactly one year after the fatal incident.

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