Security in the Modern Age: What Are the Best Practices?

Technology advances all the time, so much so that our lives now would be almost unrecognizable to someone visiting from 50 years ago. Just think about how you can ask your phone to turn on the lights or that you may be able to charge your electric car at a docking station. How about the fact that we can have video meetings with people worldwide, sharing screens and documents as though it were no big deal? Just moments ago, it seems, faxing someone a document was the height of new tech, and yet here we are—texting people PDFs and JPGs. 

Seeing as all other tech has come so far, it should come as no surprise that the world of security has also taken leaps and bounds. Once upon a time, a security camera would record a grainy image, and you’d have to strain to decide whether a license plate number had an H or an A. Is that a license plate at all? Or just a wavy rectangle? Law enforcement had their work cut out for them when they had to figure out what the security cameras of yore had recorded. No longer, though. 

It’s not just law enforcement either—private citizens and private companies are also empowered by the tech developments in the world of security. So let’s take a moment to see just how neighborhoods and overall community safety have increased over time. 

New ALPR cameras make all the difference.


A security camera is important to add to your security arsenal, whether you’re securing your home or the parking lot outside your place of business. Even just having a camera fixed outside your door will act as a deterrent to keep away any ne’er-do-wells who may have ideas about breaking and entering. That being said, not all security devices are the same. For example, have you heard of an ALPR camera? ALPR is an acronym that stands for Automatic License Plate Reader, and it’s the best thing to have around if you want to help police officers catch criminals who are zooming off with the contents of your cash register or your heirloom jewelry. Police officers can track persons of interest much more easily with a license plate number, no matter where they are in the U.S., and an ALPR system catches the plate number, regardless of weather conditions, records it, and sends it automatically to law enforcement agencies in the case of criminal activity. Talk about next-level safety, right? 

Smart homes make your whole neighborhood safer.


When it comes to private citizens taking safety to the next level, it’s all about smart home technology. A smart lock on your door gives you complete access control from your smartphone, which means that you can unlock the door from the living room without getting off the couch. More importantly, though, it means that you no longer have to hide your front door or patio key in your outdoor plant. Forget looking under the rhododendrons, tomatoes, and shrubs for a keyring where any petty thief could easily access it. Instead, just have your guest text you on arrival, and, bada-bing, you can open the door for them. No more worrying that criminals in the greenery will beset your neighborhood. When you know that you have an ALPR system on the lookout and a smart lock on your door, you can relax among the patio plants with ease. 

It’s a beautiful new world out there, with plenty of new and exciting tech dedicated to keeping us safe in real-time. Between ALPR devices that communicate with police departments and smart locks, the tolls taken on our relaxation are far fewer. 

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