Selena Quintanilla measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe and bra size

Selena Quintanilla was a trendy American singer who took her first breath on April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, Texas, US. She was the youngest child of the Quintanilla family and had two siblings named A.B Quintanilla and Suzette Quintanilla. She was born to Marcella Ofelia Quintanilla and Abraham Quintanilla, who was a former musician. She had spent her entire childhood in Lake Jackson, and her interest in music was witnessed when she was just six years old.

She started her studies at the right time, but her father withdrew from school when she was in 8th grade due to some personal issues. She earned a high school diploma at the age of 17 from the American School of Correspondence in Chicago. Later, she was also accepted in the Louisiana State University and then attended Pacific Western University for majoring in Business administration.

How did Selena Quintanilla get famous?

Selena made her debut in singing in 2003 and attained a very unexpected response from the audience at the global level. She got recognition as record winning artist of the era, only because of her dedication and passion for this field. Her contribution to Tejano music is much worthy, which is the only reason she also gained popularity as queen of Tejano music. she came out with multiple albums through that time. All of them were proved significant hits, which was the key reason for her enormous popularity. At a very young age, she was able to achieve something, which is the desire of several artists, but they cannot get so.

Another major break of her music career was booked when she was performing at the 1989 Tejano music night and caught the attention of Jose Behar. At that time, Behar was looking for fresh Latin talent, and he was so impressed that he took the decision to sign in Selena for the well-known label Capitol Records. Sony Music offered her twice the fees which were provided by Capitol records, but she refuses to accept their offer. It is because she understood the real potential of the crossover albums. She worked for several albums under the Capitol’s label and got an excellent response from the audience.

Selena Quintanilla Height and Weight

Quintanilla had a perfect height of 5 feet 5 inches which made her a charming lady to catch the attention of every person. Her weight was measured at 57 Kg, which makes clear that she worked a lot to maintain such a good body weight throughout her busy schedules. If we talk about her weight in lbs, then it was around 126 lbs which is really a perfect body weight for a person with this height. She used to work out on a daily based and followed a very structured diet which is the only reason for her balanced weight that made her capable of fitting into all types of roles.

Selena Quintanilla Dating history

Selena Quintanilla has a very remarkable dating history as she was in love with well-known Chris Perez. The audience considered its relation as a symbol of true love in the 90s when it was not easy to find a soulmate. Their relation began when they both crossed each other paths during one of the shows when one guitarist joined a Tejano Singer’s band. Selena fell in love at first sight and started secretly dating Chris. You will be amazed to know that Selena was just 20 years old young diva at that time. They finally tied a knot in 1992, which was publicly revealed by Chris on his social media account.

Full name: Selena Quintanilla-Pérez 

Date of birth: April 16, 1971

Age: 49years

Nationality: American

Occupation: Actress, Singer, Fashion Designer

Horoscope: Aries

Religion: Unknown

Boyfriend: Chris Perez

Siblings: Unknown

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Selena Quintanilla body measurement

Just like other beautiful Divas, Selena Quintanilla has a very stunning body with a height of 5 feet 5 inches. Her weight is measured at 57 Kg or 126 lbs which is perfect according to her height as per body mass index. She is a fully active lady who performs regular exercised to stay healthy and fit. Her Slim figure adds more attention to her excellent acting skills, which is the only reason for her massive fanbase. Even she has mentioned somewhere about her strict schedule to which she has always stuck no matters what the situation is. Thousands of girls around the world follow her because they have a dream of having a body like her.

Selena Quintanilla Bra and breast size

The bra size of Selena is 40C, and according to this, her breast size is 35. She has maintained her beautiful body from the time since she has stepped into her professional life. It is the only reason why she is offered excellent roles on a regular basis, and everyone is shocked by her outstanding performance. Her adorable body is the main reason behind her confidence, which has made her attain such good limelight within a brief time period. Among all other artists of her age, Selena seems to be totally different and most beautiful which is because of her figure.

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 57 Kg

Bra size: 40 C

Cup Size: C

Shoe size: 7

Body measurement: 35:25:37

Breast size: 35

Waist size: 25

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Black

Natural breast or implant: Natural

Has Selena Quintanilla gone under the knife?

Selena Quintanilla has not gone under the knife for any kind of changes to her body or face. She had revealed in one interview that she once planned to go through plastic surgery, but soon her mindset was changed. It is because she is fully satisfied by what she has naturally. There is no doubt that she has an adorable face and charming body, which does not require any kind of changes.

Net worth

The net worth of Selena Quintanilla is estimated at $28 million, which is all because of her hard work and contribution to the acting field. She is delighted with what she has earned in her life and living her happy life.


Food: Pizza

Colour: Purple and black

Hobby: playing squash

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