Sienna Mae Gomez apologizes to Jack Wright over allegations of sexual assault, Details explored!

The return of Sienna Mae to social media has elicited a negative reaction from online users. After being accused of sexual assault by coworker Jack Wright and receiving widespread backlash, Mae quit using social media. The TikToker announced her comeback with a video uploaded to her various social media profiles. I wish they’d cancel me, the video’s caption reads. The point of this video appears to be mocking cancel culture and online trolls.

The Social Media Comeback of Sienna Mae

The video was posted to Sienna Mae’s Instagram and TikTok accounts on May 28 with the caption, “she lives.” This marked her unexpected comeback to social media. The video’s opening text says, “This video is provided to you by drop culture,” and then Gomez is supposed to be seen lip-syncing to Dominic Fike’s “Drop Me,” which includes the words, I’d like to believe they dropped me. Why? In order to spend time with my loved ones, of course. For me to remove this mask, canine. But many have criticized the celebrity for the video and for returning to social media.

Commenters have given their thoughts on her comeback under a variety of videos, despite the fact that the comments on her postings seem moderated in some instances, according to all sources. Over sixteen thousand people have liked a comment that explained the difference between “dropping” someone and not supporting a “strict criminal” on a video by Ruler Asante.

Jack Wright’s claims against Sienna Mae

Jack Wright and Sienna Mae were formerly best friends and worked together on many videos and other projects for the popular video-sharing app TikTok. The two reportedly dated for a brief time but remained creative partners after breaking up. Wright made a video accusing Mae of sexual assault on YouTube on January 20, 2022. Hype House member, 18, said Mae touched him improperly many times without his permission.

Mae responded with a video explaining that she was sorry and had simply meant to offer her partner some love. She said that a letter was issued to Wright’s attorneys from her legal team. Things got heated when Wright’s brother and friend chimed in with their version of events. According to them, Wright was sexually assaulted, verbally tortured, and misled by Mae. A video of her kissing an unconscious Wright emerged as her hands moved down his body. She was stopped as soon as anybody caught on to what was going on. In the meanwhile, the clip has been removed from all online platforms.

There were further allegations leveled against Mae. Wright stated in an online video that Mae had broken into his home many times. He further said that after breaking into his house, Mae attempted to attack him. Mae refuted the charges, yet she still lost sponsors and fans. Over a million TikToker followers were lost on the short video site. She also was cancelled and received a lot of backlashes on social media.

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