Tati Westbrook accuses ex-business partner of molesting her without permission, Details explained

Tati Westbrook has announced that her cosmetics line, Tati Beauty, will no longer be produced. The beauty expert recently revealed that she would shut down her firm, which was most famous for her eyeshadow palette. She has also levelled allegations of workplace misconduct against a former business partner. James Westbrook and his wife Tati, also known as “GlamLifeGuru,” have just been the targets of legal action. Together with their business partner Clark Swanson, they launched their Halo Beauty line of beauty vitamin supplements in 2018. Swanson initiated legal action against James and Tati Westbrook, charging the couple with dishonesty, recklessness, and breach of fiduciary obligation. By bringing up the sexual misconduct that took place when they were all employed at Halo Beauty, the Westbrooks are giving the appearance of aiming at Swanson in an attempt to get their revenge.

Tati Westbrook explains sexual harassment in the workplace

The singer, now 39 years old, informed her devoted following in January of this year that she would sell her personal belongings and donate the proceeds to the ongoing legal proceeding. The YouTube cosmetics tycoon stated that the Halo Beauty lawsuit was one of the primary reasons she was giving up on her company in her most recent video, titled “Why I’m Closing TATI BEAUTY.” This video was titled “Why I’m Closing TATI BEAUTY.”

The harassment and abuse that Tati Westbrook suffered at the hands of Clark Swanson when they both worked at Halo Beauty are detailed in a court petition that was just found and submitted by Tati Westbrook. When Mr Swanson and Mrs Westbrook were using the same office space, the official document that was previously referenced claims that Mr Swanson grabbed Mrs Westbrook inappropriately and without her consent. You could, for example, sneak up behind her and grab her waist, massage her shoulders and back, hover over her from behind, sit next to her and grab her thighs, or rub her feet. There are a lot of different ways that he insists on doing this.

Despite Westbrook’s repeated demands that Swanson ceases touching her, the latter continued to do so regardless of Westbrook’s wishes. According to the documents filed with the court, in addition to publicly humiliating the plaintiff, the defendant also criticized them. Clark Swanson and the firm he works for, Halo Beauty, have just formed a 50/50 partnership, which has received the approval of the Westbrooks. Soon after agreeing to the settlement, the latter contacted him to demand a greater interest in Halo Beauty. This would make them the major owners of the firm, while he would be left with minority ownership of 33 per cent of the business.

Tati Westbrook’s goal was to build the full big thing, so to reassure Swanson, she promised that Halo Beauty would expand its offerings to include skincare and cosmetics. On the other hand, this never came to pass. Westbrook subsequently made Tati beauty available, but it has since been removed.

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