Taylor Swift Receives NYU Honorary Doctorate, College and education details examined as popstar gets honorary doctorate from NYU

The singer/songwriter Taylor Swift has completed her studies at New York University. Well, in a way. The Blank Space singer was awarded an honorary degree despite not attending or studying at NYU. An honorary degree is a special recognition a college or university offers to an individual for their outstanding contributions to society. The doctorate is awarded as a recognition without the student having to complete the customary prerequisites such as coursework or examinations. In 2015, Ed Sheeran was honoured for his “exceptional contribution to music,” with one from University Campus Suffolk (UCS) in Ipswich.

New York University has honoured Taylor Swift with an honorary doctorate

New York University conferred an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree to the 32-year-old individual on May 18th, the same day the award was presented. She has been awarded a doctorate for her significant contributions to the music business and is referred to as Dr. Taylor Swift. In addition to her 11 Grammys, 34 AMAs, and 29 Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift has also released nine original studio albums. Even though the singer was born in Tennessee and not the Big Apple, NYU has long been a fan of Taylor Swift and likely awarded her an honorary degree. Taylor’s music, business, and writing are the focus of New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music course. In a news announcement on the awarding of the degree, New York University detailed the various accomplishments of the singer and said that she is “one of the most prolific and recognised performers of her time.”

Taylor accepts NYU degree and addresses graduates

Taylor got her degree from New York University on Wednesday, April 3, 2022, and gave a speech to her fellow graduates at Yankee Stadium. Welcome, my name is Taylor. When I was last at a stadium of this magnitude, I danced in high heels while wearing a glittering bodysuit. The singer joked about how much more easily she felt in her outfit. She then thanked NYU for the degree and said she was “extremely happy” to be there before adding, I’m 90% sure I’m here because I have a song called 22. Thanks to NYU, I can now call myself a doctor, at least on paper.

She said she was not the kind of physician you would want on call in the event of a medical emergency. Unless your particular need were that you urgently needed to hear a song that had a great hook and a highly emotional bridge section, in that case, you would have been better off listening to music. So, if you’re in a bind and need someone who can identify more than 50 cat breeds, that person is available. The actress continued by thanking her family, discussing how she missed out on a typical college experience and praising the dedication of the NYU students who continued their education despite the epidemic.

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