The 5 Best Sweepstakes Casino Jackpot Games

The sweepstakes casino industry has experienced a massive rise in popularity in recent years. New free-to-play gaming sites are popping up, whether due to strict regulations for standard casinos or players’ demand for low-risk entertainment. Still, many individuals remain unaware of the big prizes this sector offers.

To clear up the misconceptions, this article will discuss the mechanics of online sweepstakes casinos and the biggest jackpots these platforms offer.

What Are Sweepstakes Casinos and How They Work?

Sweepstakes casinos are online gaming sites that host various categories of casino-style games. Like their traditional counterparts, they allow players to register, try their luck at any of these titles, and win real prizes. Nevertheless, the operational model platforms use is slightly different.

These casinos rely on the sweepstakes model and typically utilize two types of casino currency — gold and sweep coins. Gold coins are free-for-play credits that allow users to play games without risking their bankroll. GCs are available through casino giveaways, promotions, and contests.

Sweeps are casino credits that players can purchase. They come in packages with a complementary bundle of gold coins. Their primary purpose is to help patrons continue gaming even when they run out of free-for-play credits.

Sweepstakes Casino Jackpots

Players can use both types of sweepstakes virtual currency to enjoy casino-style games. They work in the same way regular currency does – you choose the limits you prefer, stake your coins, and win rewards.

Depending on the game you’ve selected, rewards can be worth millions of coins and redeemable. To show you what you can expect, here’s a top list of jackpot games and the prizes you can win at our favorite sweepstakes platform, Zulacasino.

1.   Lucky Panda

Lucky Panda is one of the jackpot slots you’ll find at most reputable sweepstakes casinos. The game incorporates elements from Chinese culture and offers excellent visuals and simple yet entertaining gameplay. The 5-reel, 4-row grid is covered in symbols worth from 5 to 1,000 coins. There’s also a jackpot hidden behind Lucky Panda’s scatters and symbols that spell out this animal’s name. Land either, and you’re in for a 2,000-credit-worth prize.

2.   Caishen of Prosperity

Named after the god of wealth and fortune, Caishen of Prosperity is another Chinese-themed jackpot sweepstakes slot. Though less widespread than its predecessor, this game is equally entertaining. The red temple doors lead players into a prizes-packed gameplay. The retro 5×3 grid with lotus, colorful fan, koi fish, and coin symbols promise 5-digit jackpot prizes.

3.   Genie’s Lamp

Another old-fashioned mechanic slot with a fantastic prize offer is Genie’s Lamp. The game draws inspiration from the popular Aladdin cartoon, featuring the blue genie as its protagonist. Still, the storyline isn’t the only thing that makes this game special. Scoring three of its bonus symbols opens Lucky Wheel on top of the base game, offering jackpot prizes.

4.   Magic Castle

Keeping with the fairytale theme, our top sweepstakes jackpot slots list includes Magic Castle. As its name suggests, the game centers around a magnificent castle from medieval times, with kings and queens as its main symbols. The magic bit happens when these characters trigger a colossal wild that covers the three middle reels and grants players a chance to hit a massive jackpot.

5.   Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos is the last hit among Zula Casino’s jackpot slots we’ll cover here. Unlike the previous two, it features an unconventional 4×3 reel/row combo and 20 paylines. Nevertheless, the gameplay is equally fun and rewarding. The famous Mexican holiday-themed symbols work with special scatters and wilds to expand across the reels and offer free spins that can lead to the grand jackpot.

Note: Zula keeps its game collection fresh, regularly adding new, rewarding titles. You can expect plenty more jackpot games, including jaw-dropping progressives.

Tips and Tricks for Landing Sweepstakes Casino Jackpots

If you’d like a fair chance at winning one of the sweepstakes casino jackpots mentioned above, here are a few tips:

  • Choose the perfect game — Many sweepstake casinos feature current jackpot prizes on their websites or atop their games’ icons. Browse these to find the prize you’d like to target, and don’t forget to test the game beforehand.
  • Claim available bonuses — Use your gaming site’s promotions to fill your bankroll before you start playing. This way, you’ll have plenty of room to make mistakes and more chances to win.
  • Create a strategy — Most sweepstakes jackpot games are slots, so you won’t need a traditional strategy to win. Still, a sound bankroll management system can help you make the most of your game’s RTP and volatility.
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