The final winner of Jeopardy’s June 28, 2022, Tuesday, Who won the Final Jeopardy? Details of the result explored!

Jeopardy! Three competitors were featured in the latest episode of Season 38, which aired on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. The show’s regulations state that the competitor who obtains the most money throughout an episode will be named the winner. They’ll have another shot at a winning streak when they return in the subsequent episode. Two athletes, Mattea Roach (23) and Ryan Long (20) have the season’s longest active victory streaks (16 wins). Here on today’s episode, hosted by Mayim Bialik, we have Joe Feldmann, a technology worker from Bethesda, Maryland, and a two-day champion. On June 24, 2022, Joe stopped Jeff Weinstock’s winning run of two games. So far, he has made $45,000 in income. In this episode, Joe faced out against two new competitors: Pete Chattrabhuti, an attorney from Washington, DC, and Marina Hays, a textile conservator from New York City.

Pete Chattrabhuti, today’s Jeopardy! champion

No one else could take over as champion when Ryan Long dropped out. In the same way that Jeff Weinstock was eliminated after the third game, so was Joe Feldmann. Pete didn’t get off to a great start, earning only $800 in the first round. However, Joe and Marina had respectable showings and cashed in on $5,800 and $3,400, respectively. The second round of competition was intense among the three competitors. Pete’s extensive coverage in this round was a major factor in his profits of $10,800, which put him ahead of Joe. On the other hand, Marine surpassed both males, bringing in an additional $11,000 to her bank account. Surprisingly, there was only a $200 difference between the three. Joe and Pete wisely bet $0, whereas Marina bet $5,500. Only the third’s sum changed; the other two stayed unchanged. In light of this, Pete Chattrabhuti was today’s Jeopardy! Champion.

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This episode’s last round was themed around “Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey,” and the final clue was as follows: “At his 1892 funeral, appropriate for a baron, the organist gave music to his words, ‘I expect to meet my pilot face to face when I have crost the bar.'” It was “Alfred, Lord Tennyson” that matched the clue. The contenders all guessed Lord Byron without getting it right. In a close game over two days, Joe Feldmann lost by just $200 against eventual runner-up Pete Chattrabhuti.

Get to know about Pete Chattrabhuti

Pete Chattrabhuti, an attorney from the District of Columbia in the United States, is the new champion. His LinkedIn profile states that he is now an associate at Hollingsworth LLP and has spent the last decade spreading his professional wings across four firms. Pete graduated from the Harvard-Westlake School and attended George Washington University to get a degree in political science. He attended the University of Virginia School of Law and graduated with a Ph.D. in law. Pete will make his comeback on the next episode, scheduled to broadcast on June 29, 2022.

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