The Mathematical Concept of RNG: Is It Fool-Proof or Just a Hoax?

Random Number Generators (RNGs) feature in all licensed and regulated online casinos. While it is easy to discern the randomness of outcomes in land-based casino games, RNGs are vulnerable to manipulation and hacking due to their algorithms. This claim puts the integrity of an online casino in jeopardy.

The allegation makes several punters doubt the validity of RNGs in maintaining an element of unpredictability. Thus, punters should know more about RNGs to ascertain their veracity and distinguish the reliable models from the fishy ones.

No doubt, the system of RNG is one that’s been used in various sectors. But, it’s most prevalent in online gambling. And let’s be honest, it’s this very randomness that adds to the fun offered at casinos, because if everything were predictable, it kinda takes away from all the fun, no?        

RNG in a Nutshell

RNGs are programs that produce random numbers that decide the outcome of a game. RNG is based on the arbitrary draw principle and is also used to refer to chance-based games. Slot machines use RNG technology frequently and do not need human intervention, unlike live dealer games.

This technology has various uses in cryptography, statistical simulations, and computer simulations. There are mainly two types of RNGs, namely, Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNGs) and True Random Number Generators (TRNGs).

RNGs employed by online casinos are PRNGs that work independently of any external factors. PRNGs function on a predetermined algorithm and a seed number, generating fresh results rapidly. Therefore, the outcome generated by PRNGs can be nearly random, but not entirely so. It is because this model uses mathematical algorithms. Despite pertaining to numbers, PRNGs never show the outcome in numbers, but they do so via an image in most cases.

Why do Casinos Use RNGs?

As online casinos needed to hold on to their patrons and attract new ones, they employed RNGs to make punters feel that they can expect authentic results even though they spin the reels virtually.

Without RNGs, there is no guarantee that a game is fair. However, as they become more susceptible to manipulation, this claim is heavily contested.

How Is It Different from RTP?

It is easy to think of RTP (Return-To-Player) and RNG as synonymous, but they are different from each other. While RNG creates a string of numbers, RTP indicates the percentage of bets returned to players as winnings.

RTP and RNG are intertwined as a provider determines the former before designing the latter. Thus, it is easy for players to confuse the two concepts.

How Can RNG be Manipulated?

Several gamers have alleged that RNGs can be manipulated, compromising the integrity of an online casino and deceiving players.

While the claim is true, online casinos often have the most stringent measures to ensure that punters cannot skirt their way around it. After all, RNGs are in place to protect the casino and the consumer’s money. Even if a hacker cracks their way through the system, casinos are quick on the uptake. An errant player can face a jail term in federal prison if they are caught cheating the system.

RNGs are also subject to regular checks by gaming authorities. These checks ensure the maintenance of unpredictability. A casino can be decommissioned, if it fails to protect its RNG efficiently against threats.

What is a Reliable RNG?

Now that you know the nitty-gritty of this famed technology, it is imperative to learn about the hallmarks of a reliable RNG. Several RNGs are impossible to hack due to the presence of some factors.

The seed number cannot be changed easily in an RNG as it is regularly replaced to outwit hackers. Moreover, RNGs work on a permutation basis which insulates them against manipulation.

To ensure that the RNG is authentic, players should watch out for certifications provided by reputable organizations such as eCogra, Gaming Labs International, and BMM Testlabs, besides checking the game’s payout percentage.


RNGs are almost fool-proof. However, there is a small scope of them being prone to manipulation that shouldn’t be ignored. RNGs can be trustworthy if online casinos commit to transparency and maintain strict policies that can catch discrepancies quickly.

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