The OKP L3 Robot Vacuum: A Game Changer in Cleaning

Vacuum cleaners have advanced over the period – thanks to improvements in this technological field. Presently, no need to worry about dragging the clumsy plastic hose connected to a wheeled canister. With technological advancement, you don’t have to get off your couch when cleaning your room. The best robot vacuum cleaner has several impressive features, including its suction power and auto charging, making them more convenient.

OKP L3 Robot Vacuum is among the best robot vacuum cleaners to help with your cleaning solutions. This robot cleaner will assist you in auto-disposing of pet hair, dust, debris, etc. Let’s have a look at its functions and features.


The OKP L3 is a robot vacuum with a combination of solid suction power plus OKP’s self-cleaning brush roll, which picks up 50% additional pet hair minus hair wrap when in power mode. With the help of the OKP application, compatible with IOS and Android, you can comfortably control this robot in your hands. You can adjust the suction power level, set cleaning schedules, spot-cleaning, no-go zones, etc. In addition, this robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

Moreover, another main feature available in OKP robot L3 is its self-empty station which is 5L, an enormous vacuum presently on the market. A self-emptying 5L dust bag can hold up to 10 weeks of debris and dirt, which decreases the frequency of changing the dust bag. With a full charge, the L3 robot can comfortably operate for up to 2 hours, enough for a whole-area cleaning. Moreover, with a recharge plus resume feature, this vacuum cleaner will return to its charging dock for recharging, and when done, it will pick up from the point it left off.

Its dust bag captures 99% of as small as 0.7 microns particles. This vacuum features HEPA filtration and three modes: quiet mode, standard mode, and powerful mode. For hands-free operations, you can use either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for sound control.

Smart Features

1.   Self-Charge and Resume

OKP L3 has a run time of 120 minutes per charge. When its battery runs low, the device auto returns to the charging dock, and when the battery is fully charged, it will continue from the previous point it left.

2.   Voice Controls

The OKP L3 Robot Vacuum is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa; hence you can control it using your voice (hands-free).

3.   Mobile App Control

This robot vacuum can be operated using the OKP App. This application is compatible with Android plus iOS devices. You can use the app to switch between cleaning modes or set a cleaning schedule.


  • Features self-charge and resume feature
  • Offers 2 hours of runtime
  • High-efficiency filter
  • Mobile app control
  • Suitable for pet lovers
  • Compatible with voice controls
  • Self-emptying base
  • Cleaning tool brush
  • 5L dust-bag
  • Features cleaning schedule
  • It comes with an adjustable suction power level
  • Captures as tiny as .7 microns particles


  • Compatible with only a Wi-Fi of 2.4Ghz


OKP L3 Robot Vacuum is among the best cleaners available today. The cleaner comes with a 5L dust bag which can hold debris and dirt for up to 10 weeks. You can use the OKP application, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant for hands-free operations. With a  full charge, this vacuum cleaner can run for up to 120 minutes. You can set this device to operate on quite a standard mode or power mode. This and other unique features make OKP L3 Robot Vacuum your best cleaning partner.

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