The podcast host Joe Rogan was accused of ‘body shaming’ after discussing the model Trisha Paytas, Details discussed

Joe Rogan, the presenter of the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and colour commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has once again drawn criticism for his remarks. In episode 1633 of his podcast, stand-up comedian and actor Ali Macofsky joined him to discuss a wide variety of topics related to the internet and its many celebrities. After discussing several topics for three hours, they settled on YouTuber Trisha Paytas. The impression was that Ali Macofsky praised the 32-year-old for her mature content on the network. After that, Joe Rogan allegedly glanced at a nude photo of Trisha Paytas and made remarks that led to him being accused of body shaming.

Joe Rogan was criticised for body-shaming Trisha Paytas’ nude photo

Ali Macofsky mentioned the California native and made a general statement about her online presence early in the programme. She discussed her employment on an adult website and referred to Paytas as a “sloth on the internet.” Just now, she has been browsing the web. You may find her online; she’s a website. Ugh, I adore her. In the above video, Joe Rogan responds by pointing out that he and Ali can be found online and asking Ali to elaborate on her point. Since she just relocated to a stunning new home in the hills, she is a lot of fun. She gave you a nude tour of her home, and you’re like, “Oh, great cabinet,” while you gawked at the lavish furnishings.

Joe Rogan stated that he had never seen Trisha Paytas operate on a pornographic site, so he requested his crew member, Jamie Vernon, to display a photo of her on a screen out of camera range. Then, Rogan said this after asking Jamie to click on a photo of Trisha Paytas in a bikini: Cancel that, sure. It seems she is an attention-seeker with a penchant for flowery language. Since she often posts new material, she’d likely be a wonderful influence to emulate. Although many online users have subsequently criticised his opinions, Ali Macofsky initially agreed with Joe Rogan’s assessment of Trisha Paytas.

As seen in the comment section of the page below, Trisha Paytas has also addressed Joe Rogan’s criticisms. She criticised Joe Rogan’s intelligence and called him “conventionally ugly.” Joe Rogan’s statements regarding Trisha Paytas have been accused of being body-shaming, although others have argued that this is not the case. Many have tweeted that he was only expressing that he has no romantic interest in her. Internet users are split on whether Joe Rogan is to blame for the latest controversy, typical of his run-ins with the law.

Rogan has been the target of relentless criticism from various online communities in recent years. The 53-year-old is frequently accused of providing troublesome characters with a forum to promote misinformation and has come under criticism for his direct remarks on sensitive matters. In August 2020, Ali Macofsky was a guest on episode #1526 of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

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