The truth of Jungkook’s wrist injury and the Bangtan Boys member’s self-harm, Details discussed

Fans are getting more worried about Jungkook, a member of BTS who has been the target of self-harm allegations, with some believing that he has been cutting his wrists. It is reported that these suspicions regarding Jungkook began to spread due to a photo that was shot during the 2017 KBS Festival and then extensively shared on the internet. People have been posting a photo of him online with what they claim are self-inflicted scars on his wrists, and others have been sharing this image. The spreading of rumours quickly led to the formation of new tales.

However, a significant number of the individuals who make such assertions are not supporters of the organization at all; rather, they are liars focused on harming the organization’s image. Those who are recognized as “haters” are responsible for spreading the rumours to cause problems. If you look at the picture very carefully, you may be able to pick out a series of pink lines running up Jungkook’s wrists. On the other hand, a supporter of the band debunked the allegation by exhibiting evidence that Jungkook’s dolls had been meticulously cleaned before going to bed.

Evidence that Jungkook has clean hands

One of Jungkook’s fans showed how talented the singer is in his wrists by publishing several images from the 25th when he performed on SBS’s Gayo Daejun and the 29th when he played at KBS’s Festival. These two performances took place on consecutive days. These pictures were published so that everyone may see how talented Jungkook is. Do not give in to the deceit perpetrated by the swindlers; the original tweet, as well as supporting evidence indicating that Gayo Daejun’s initial photograph, taken on the 25th, does not contain any scars, may be seen below.

On the other hand, none of the scars or traces of scarring can be seen in any of the images taken on April 29th during the Song Festival. These photographs were shot both clearly and not so clear. It would seem that he obtained the scars as a consequence of his performance, so you shouldn’t put too much stock in the rumour mill. In addition, even if the scars are genuine, you do not need to be concerned about them since they will not affect your ability to function normally.

It is common knowledge that to pass the time when the members of BTS are waiting for a performance, they kill boredom by participating in a popular game in South Korea. To earn this juice, you have to strike the person who came in last place with enough power that you leave a mark on either their forearms or their wrists. BTS members probably struck Jungkook with sufficient force to leave a mark on his wrists, as shown by footage that reveals the amount of force that BTS members use during these activities. This can be inferred from the fact that BTS members employ a level of force shown in the video.

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