The Ultimate Urban Riding Guide: Discovering Your City on an E-bike

A significant change has occurred in the world of transportation in recent years. People have made healthy choices in their lives and also in the means of transportation. Emitting fumes by car to go to a nearby grocery store is now being looked upon as a disappointment. The electric bike has transformed the world of transportation and urban riding. The eco-friendly, affordable, convenient, and comfortable mobility on an electric bike around the city is now practiced by many people. All the benefits and attributes of electric bikes for adults have made them a popular mode of transportation. People now prefer a calm and comfortable ride on an e-bike around the city rather than getting stuck in the traffic in a car. Due to this, the demand for electric bikes for adults has increased in the market, and various electric bike brands have released their versions. For commuting and urban riding, there is a specially designed city e-bike with features and components to tackle the urban environment. So where can you find the best city e-bike? It is an important question that comes into every person’s mind who plans on getting an e-bike for city commuting. A popular ebike brand in Canada is called Rize Bikes. They sell all kinds of electric bike models based on your needs and preference.

But before we hop on to find the best city e-bike, let’s look at some of the benefits of city electric bikes for adults.

1. Convenient to move around

Everyone can relate to the hassle of riding the car to the nearby grocery store. It starts with getting stuck in traffic, getting the fuel filled if needed, and ends with the parking fee. To avoid such hassle electric bike is the solution for an easy-to-go and convenient ride around the city. You can effortlessly move around the city and run errands without spending too much time traveling.

2.      Maintain fitness

Many people don’t get time to go to a gym or workout, or due to their lack of motivation, they don’t enjoy doing exercise. In such cases, electric bike for adults can help maintain fitness. An e-bike functions similarly to a regular bicycle in pedal assist mode, except that an electric motor contributes to the human force during pedaling, making the ride easier. So while you run errands or commute to work or college, you can also work out as your muscles constantly contract as you pedal to propel the e-bike forward.

3.      Affordable

Purchasing an electric bike is relatively much cheaper than a car. Apart from that, the e-bike cuts fuel prices, which are already on the surge. Even though electric bikes for adults use electricity to function, it costs less than fuel. You can also save on the parking fees and also the other maintenance costs that come with a car.

4.      Sustainable

One of the main benefits of electric bikes for adults is that you can practice green mobility. Since e-bike doesn’t use fuel, it doesn’t emit harmful fumes like gas-powered vehicles that negatively impact the environment and our health. So if you want to save the environment and your future generations from the hazardous impacts, then it’s time to make the wise decision and switch towards electric bike for adults that are environmentally friendly.

Addmotor has a series of city electric bikes for adults specially designed for city dwellers. They have all the updated features and high-quality components required for urban riding. Among the city pro series, the city pro E-43 electric bike is one of the best electric bikes for adults you can find in the market. So let’s see what makes City Pro E-43 e-bike a great mode of transportation for exploring the city.

Electric motor

The Addmotor city pro E-43 electric bike has a 48V*500-watt brushless rear-mounted electric motor. The electric motor of this e-bike produces enough power to ride the electric bike easily on hills and uneven terrains. It provides a faster and more convenient acceleration to ride around the city and reach the destination quickly within a small period.


The high capacity 20 Ah lithium-ion Samsung battery of the Addmotor E-43 city Pro e-bike allows you to take long rides without the stress of recharging it frequently on the way. It allows you to cover a long range of 125+ miles on a single charge. The 125+ miles long range of the city electric bike is perfect to explore the city to the fullest. You can easily plan a mini getaway on an e-bike or commute to work or college conveniently without worrying about the battery.


The Addmotor city pro E-43 electric bike has a strong and sturdy aluminum frame with a polygon frame design which strengthens the frame of the e-bike. The city pro E-43 electric bike is known for its low step frame that makes it convenient for adults and women to get on and off the electric bike, regardless of health or clothing issues. It offers a wide color palette for you to choose the electric bike of your favorite color.


The tires of the Addmotor city pro E-43 e-bike are specially designed according to the urban environment. The 26’’ X 2.3’’ Kenda tires with a large glue tread pattern all over the surface allow more grip and stability and make them suitable for all kinds of terrains. The tires of the City Pro E-43 electric bikehave reflective strips, and the light reflects by the rim at night, thus providing a safe nighttime riding experience.

Hydraulic disc brake

Another great feature of the Addmotor City Pro E-43 e-bike is the hydraulic disc brake. In the hustle and bustle of the city, you will encounter many situations where you have to stop the electric bike or slow down its speed during the ride. For this reason, the city e-bike must have an efficient braking system. The hydraulic disc brake is known to have great stopping power. It requires you to put minimum effort to apply the desired amount of braking force.   

Not to forget the integrated lighting system that includes the head and taillight and the 5-inch LCD display that ensures a safe and comfortable riding experience.

Exploring the city was never a fun experience until electric bikes for adults paved their way into the world of transportation. With the convenience and comfort that comes with city electric bikes for adults, such as the Addmotor City Pro E-43 e-bike, commuting around the city has become a favorite activity for many individuals.   

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