This Is How to Tell Who Sideswiped Who in Arizona

Did you know that there are 5.4 million motor-related accidents in the U.S. in 2021?

If you get into a car accident, figuring out who is to blame could be confusing. Knowing the laws in Arizona can help.

It also helps to find an Arizona car accident attorney. An attorney can review the evidence and figure out who, if anyone, should be held accountable for your damages.

Read on to learn how to tell who sideswiped who in Arizona by looking at evidence after an accident.

Getting the Insurance Companies Involved

Getting the insurance companies involved is essential in determining how to tell who sideswiped who. You should first document the damage done to the vehicle as soon as possible.

Make sure to get the name and policy information of the other driver, as well as a statement from any witnesses that may have been present. If possible, notify the authorities. After the incident has been reported, the insurance companies can take over. 

Knowing the Common Causes 

Numerous indicators can help determine who was at fault, including the position of the cars after the crash, the angle of impact, vehicle paths before and after the collision, and the type of damage found.

Vehicle paths can be determined by looking at skid marks or other evidence on the road. Additionally, the direction of the windshield glass can also indicate who the order of the impact came from. 

Utilizing Evidence 

Utilizing evidence is critical when determining who may have caused a sideswipe collision in Arizona. Physical evidence that may have been left on the vehicles, such as paint, can help determine who may have been responsible for the crash.

Surveillance or dashcam footage can sometimes be used to determine who sideswiped in Arizona. Other evidence may include statements from the drivers or additional information gathered at the accident scene. 

Talking to an Automobile Lawyer

When figuring out who sideswiped in Arizona, speaking with a car accident lawyer is essential. Talking to an experienced lawyer can help determine who is at fault and what legal steps should be taken.

An automobile crash lawyer in Phoenix will review the facts of the case and guide the best way to handle the situation, whether settling out of court or filing a lawsuit. They can also help research the laws applicable to the specific incident and provide information about the consequences for each party attempting to sue the other.

Talking to Witnesses

Talking to witnesses is a critical step in establishing who sideswiped in Arizona. Witnesses can provide vital information as to what occurred during the incident. It is essential to speak to and carefully document all witnesses who may have seen the sideswipe auto accident.

Furthermore, witnesses’ statements should be reviewed and corroborated by other witnesses or any other available evidence. 

Learning How to Tell Who Sideswiped Who

It’s important to remember that having evidence is your best bet when you’ve been in a collision and learning how to tell who sideswiped who. Take pictures of the damage, note the other driver’s information, and remember to call the police if necessary. If you have been sideswiped in Arizona, these steps can help protect your rights.

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