This Is How to Tell Who Sideswiped Who in Arizona

Did you know that there are 5.4 million motor-related accidents in the U.S. in 2021?

If you get into a car accident, figuring out who is to blame could be confusing. Knowing the laws in Arizona can help.

It also helps to find an Arizona car accident attorney. An attorney can review the evidence and figure out who, if anyone, should be held accountable for your damages.

Read on to learn how to tell who sideswiped who in Arizona by looking at evidence after an accident.

Getting the Insurance Companies Involved

You must bring in the insurance people if you want to figure out who hit who on the side. First, make sure to take down notes or pictures of the car’s damage right away.

Be sure to grab the other driver’s name and their insurance details, plus get what anyone who saw it go down said. If you can, let the cops know. Once it’s told to the right people, the insurance people will handle things from there.

Knowing the Common Causes 

A large amount of signs can show us who was to blame, like where the cars ended up after they hit each other, which way they were hit, the way they were going before and after they ran into each other, and what damage the crash caused.

You can figure out which way cars were going by looking at the tire marks or other clues on the street. Also, where pieces of the car window ended up can show you how the crash happened.

Utilizing Evidence 

Using proof is really important when figuring out who might have scraped another car in Arizona; things that might be stuck on the cars, like components of paint, can help figure out who might have caused the destroy.

Videos from security cameras or car cams might help figure out who clipped a car in Arizona. Items like what the drivers said or details they found out when the crash happened could add to the data too.

Talking to an Automobile Lawyer

When you’re trying to figure out who hit your car in Arizona, it’s really important to speak with a car accident attorney. Chatting with a lawyer who knows what they’re doing can help you figure out who’s to blame and what you should do next, legally speaking.

An automobile crash lawyer in Phoenix  looks at what happened in the crash and tells you the smartest way to deal with it, from making a deal before going to court to actually suing; they also look up the laws that are about your specific crash and give you the details on what might happen to everyone trying to sue someone else.

Talking to Witnesses

Chatting with people who saw the accident is really important to figure out who hit the car in Arizona; they can give important details about what happened. It’s key to speak to everyone who might have seen the crash and write down what they say.

Also, we should double-check what people saw by asking other people who were there or looking at other proof we can find.

Learning How to Tell Who Sideswiped Who

You must remember that if you get hit by another car, having proof is the smartest way to figure out who hit who. Make sure you snap photos of any damage, grab the other driver’s data, and note to ring the cops if you need to. If this happens to you in Arizona, doing all that can help keep your rights safe.

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