Tom Pearson’s extreme connection with Ashley Marti, Details explored

Below Deck: Sailing Yacht, a smash phenomenon on Bravo, is back with an all-new season full of twists and turns. In the third episode of the season, Tom Pearson joined the cast and quickly became the show’s most talked-about newcomer. After Captain Glenn fired him for the anchor drag blunder, fans noted his hot-and-cold romance with third stewardess Ashley Marti. Even yet, Tom managed to get some incredible actuality videos during his time on the program. Tom Pearson spent his formative years on a lake and developed a lifelong passion for water sports. He worked on the deck since he spent his days on the lake in speed boats and water sports. The “social butterfly” celebrity likes meeting new people on board, making him the ideal match for the program. 

After leaving Below Deck, Tom Pearson discusses his connection with Ashley Marti

Tom Pearson and Ashley Marti, both cast members of Below Deck, went on a crew night out and grew rather close, eventually deciding to take their relationship to the next level. First Mate Gary King was the only man Ashley cared about. Ashley kissed Tom first; the second stewardess, Gabriela, was a witness to the exchange. The two then relocated to the guest cabin, where they could have some privacy. However, the New Yorker revealed that Tom wasn’t appealing due to his age.

While Ashley and Gary had instant chemistry, Gary wasn’t planning to go serious anytime soon. When asked about the episode and his on-screen relationship with Ashley, Below Deck actor Tom Pearson said he wished he had handled some situations better. But he thinks the fans will find this riveting viewing because of it. Tom said that their chemistry was great after the performance ended. He disclosed that viewers might only see 5% of the action on the telecast. He said that he didn’t hate her and that they respected one another.

Tom Pearson discusses Ashley Marti and Gabriela Barragan’s Below Deck arguments

Daisy’s task was made tougher by Ashley and Gabriella’s bickering. Last year, Dani Soares and Alli Dore got along well with one other and with Daisy Kelliher, making for a formidable inside unit. Both actors have common ground in their backgrounds as yacht crew members. However, Daisy chose Gabriela as the plane’s second stewardess, leaving Ashley bewildered and disillusioned. Like Gabriela, Ashley was annoyed when others told her what to do.

As a result, the two had an outburst in front of the rest of the crew, which the chief cook did not take well. They already had problems before discovering they had affection for first mate Gary King. Ashley kissed Gary first, but once he made his intentions known, Gabriela spent time with him, giving Ashley more cause to resent her co-star. Tom Pearson spoke about his time on Below Deck and his advice for the new deckhand. He also discussed the legendary anchor drag incident that ultimately led to his dismissal from the series and how he felt about it. Stay tuned for Tom and the concert info.

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