Top 5: Electric Car Charging Companies in China

As the global push for sustainable transportation gathers momentum, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising solution to curb emissions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. With their increasing popularity, the demand for electric car charging infrastructure has also soared. China, being the largest automotive market in the world, has taken the lead in the adoption of electric vehicles and boasts a thriving electric car charging industry. In this article, we will explore the top 5 electric car charging companies in China, highlighting their contributions to the country’s clean transportation revolution.

 1. Electrly

Emerging as a distinguished electric charging company in China, Electrly established its roots in 2015 with an aim to redefine convenience in the EV charging landscape. Its extensive portfolio spans from portable to AC, and DC fast chargers, catering to a variety of user needs. With products distributed to over 30 countries, Electrly asserts its global relevancy. Its dedicated in-house tech team is a cornerstone of its continuous innovation, pushing boundaries to ensure unparalleled charging experience.

Backed by renowned industry partners including Schneider and Siemens, Electrly underscores its commitment to excellence. The user-centric app developed by the company empowers drivers with remote control over their charging experience. Built on a foundation of safety, high efficiency, and energy conservation, its long-lasting chargers are a testament to their promise. Electrly‘s value-driven approach, offering customizability, branding opportunities, and competitive pricing, sets a new standard for the EV charging industry.

 2. China Southern Power Grid

China Southern Power Grid (CSG) is another major player in the electric car charging market in China. As one of the two state-owned power grid corporations in the country, CSG has made significant investments in charging infrastructure development. With a strong focus on intercity highways, CSG has strategically placed charging facilities to serve long-distance EV travel.

The company provides a range of charging options, including fast-charging and battery swapping. CSG’s charging network has grown rapidly, with over 120,000 charging piles and 90 battery swapping stations in operation. Its dedication to expanding charging coverage has contributed to the accessibility and convenience of EV charging in China.


TGOOD, also known as Tianjin Great Wall Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., is a leading provider of intelligent charging solutions. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing charging equipment, providing a comprehensive range of charging products for residential, commercial, and public use. TGOOD’s charging stations are equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as smart grid integration, advanced metering, and payment systems.

The company has a robust R&D team, continuously innovating to improve EV charging efficiency and user experience. With a wide range of charging solutions and a strong presence in the Chinese market, TGOOD has successfully established itself as a top player in the electric car charging industry.

 4. Star Charge

Star Charge is a prominent electric car charging company in China that focuses on building a convenient and accessible charging network. The company operates a vast charging infrastructure, offering both AC and DC charging solutions to cater to different EV models. Star Charge provides charging services for public locations such as shopping malls, parking lots, and residential communities.

It also collaborates with various city governments and enterprises to expand charging coverage in urban areas. With its emphasis on user-friendly charging experiences and collaborations, Star Charge has become a preferred choice for many electric vehicle owners in China.

 5. EV Power

EV Power is an innovative electric car charging company that aims to promote sustainable transportation and nurture a green lifestyle. The company focuses on developing intelligent charging solutions that incorporate renewable energy sources. EV Power offers a range of charging products, including wall-mounted chargers, charging poles, and charging cabinets. These products are designed to be efficient, reliable, and user-friendly.

EV Power also places an emphasis on network connectivity, enabling remote monitoring and control of charging stations. Through its dedication to sustainable charging solutions, EV Power has made significant strides in the Chinese electric car charging market.


China’s electric car charging industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, thanks to the country’s ambitious push for clean transportation. The top 5 electric car charging companies in China, including the State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid, TGOOD, Star Charge, and EV Power, have played instrumental roles in establishing and expanding the charging infrastructure needed to support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

With their combined efforts, these companies have not only improved the accessibility and convenience of electric vehicle charging but have also propelled China towards a greener and more sustainable future.

So, as the world moves towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, let us appreciate the significant contributions made by these electric car charging companies in China and continue to support and encourage the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

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