Top 5 Uses for a Portable Laptop Monitor

One of the most exciting gadgets to come out of the past few years is the portable laptop monitor. This is essentially an extra screen for your laptop that’s designed with portability in mind.

It’s compact, lightweight, and attaches to and detaches from the back of your laptop easily. For people who are frequently on the move, it’s a great perk to have—especially since it takes up relatively little extra space.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top portable laptop screen uses and what sort of people might benefit the most from having one, or even two additional screens for their notebook computer.

1. Working Remotely

The post-pandemic workforce has retained a lot of the flexility that was necessary during the pandemic. The return to office was not universal, and many companies adopted either a hybrid model, or even a fully remote virtual office.

This approach helps companies save on rent, and many employees actually prefer it. But the work-from-home experience isn’t quite the same sometimes. People who are only using their laptops with one relatively small screen might not have as comfortable of a working experience with everything on such a small screen, or needing to constantly switch back and forth between apps.

If these remote workers use a laptop screen extender though, they can have a lot more real estate to work on in terms of their viewing experience.

They can add one or even two laptop monitors, providing three screens in total, such as with the Mobile Pixels Trio. Having three screens is the best because it allows for a more symmetrical viewing experience.

2. Stock or Crypto Trading

Whether it’s stock market trading, cryptocurrency, forex, or any other type of investment, there’s a lot of information to consider. Having only one screen to work with makes decision making more difficult and less efficient.

With realtime data and moment to moment decision making being so important, it’s a must to be able to view relevant information clearly. That’s why day traders and investors of all kinds who want to work from their laptops would greatly benefit from having an additional screen or two.

3. Computer Games

Today’s computer games are extremely advanced. They have immersive settings rich in detail, and many options and functions to account for during a game.

Having one small screen to view gaming content on is limiting, and for gamers who like to be competitive, that’s a disadvantage.

From first-person shooters to RPGs and everything in between, a portable laptop monitor lets players have a fully equipped gaming station on the go.

4. Online Betting and Table Games

From sports betting to online casinos and poker tournaments, have multiple monitors can make the playing experience much easier and more enjoyable. Online poker is incredibly popular these days, with many people even turning it into a full-time career.

And that’s not the only competitive table game that’s played online. There are also games like chess, backgammon, and even scrabble that people play multiple tournaments of online at the same time to improve their abilities.

Extra notebook monitors make this far more comfortable and allow players to play more games simultaneously.

5. Studying

Students who need to work a lot on their computers often prefer to study in places like cafes or libraries. Having extra screen space allows them to research more things at the same time, cross-reference, and view content on one screen while composing a document on the other.

Two screens are great for searching he web, browsing sites, and even viewing videos without the need to minimize the gaps you already have open.

Students can even bring their multi-screen setup into class as long as they sit in a place where the screens don’t block the view for other students.


Additional laptop screens come in handy in a wide variety of use cases. They’re ideal for business situations, but also add a lot of comfort to the user experience in leisure situations.

Regardless of how many extra notebook screens you decide to get, it’ll be much better than settling for just one.

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